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Letters: Political turmoil in Washington, D.C.

President Donald J. Trump speaks to supporters at

President Donald J. Trump speaks to supporters at a rally inside the Sudduth Coliseum in Lake Charles, Louisiana on Friday. Credit: EPA-EFE/Shutterstock/LARRY W SMITH

Many on the left have a one-issue platform, impeachment [“Inquiry widens to DOD, budget office,” News, Oct. 8].

While President Donald Trump is working on Iran, North Korea, China, Russia and the Middle East, many Democrats seem obsessed with trying to undermine his progress. I believe the healthy economy, low unemployment, his attempts to narrow the trade deficit and defeat the Islamic State are underreported.

Imagine the progress that would be possible if instead of being obsessed with regaining power, Democrats try to do what is best for our nation. That won’t happen unless elected positions have term limits.

Joe Ruszczyk,

 Kings Park

In response to your Oct. 11 reader letter titled “Congress should get back to critical needs,” I would suggest that the most critical need is to assure that our nation is led by a person who has not committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Discussion of how the president has not fulfilled the critical needs of our nation by refusing to appoint judges and ambassadors, alienating allies, summarily dismissing the few appointees he made should they disagree with his imperial positions, and refusing to provide his tax returns should wait for another time.

Richard M. Frauenglass,


I am tired of hearing Republicans say that President Donald Trump was not seeking a quid pro quo from the president of Ukraine. It is illegal to request election help from a foreign government. Period. The quid pro quo, while also forbidden, is besides the point. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff and the other Democratic leaders need to change the Republican narrative and fight back by saying, “Quid pro quo doesn’t matter.”

Democrats need to keep it simple: 1. Trump asked for interference. 2. The administration tried to cover it up by placing the conversation in a secret server because aides knew it was wrong. 3. Trump withheld funding to Ukraine. That’s extortion. Looks like three strikes to me.

Steve Jacobson,


With all of the impeachment talk, I was just wondering, am I the only person who would like to know how Hunter Biden got the job with the Ukrainian company?

Richard Corso,


This letter is dedicated to all of the members of Congress, particularly two of Long Island’s elected officials, Republicans Lee Zeldin (my congressman) and Peter King: It is time to eliminate your party affiliations and for you to pursue and reveal the truth about what occurred with Donald Trump and his demands of Ukraine. That is your job. My job is to vote.

Sandy Cohen,


Our current occupant of the White House was elected with a minority of the popular vote. Yet, the majority abided by the constitutional process in which the Electoral College determined who became president. All the power and authority vested in the office was assumed by President Donald Trump. Many of us opposed his election because we believed he was unqualified morally, emotionally and intellectually. Nevertheless, we abided by the law. Unfortunately, it appears that most of the voters were correct, and the system elected a misfit.

Bob Detor,

 Port Washington

I believe President Donald Trump is very courageous and does not need the abuse he is getting from his opponents. He must love this country, and so we should give him, his family and the people who work close to him all the support we can. He is the president!

Democrats are in a panic. They are desperate, and they don’t want the president to be reelected! This is what this impeachment is about!

Enrica Bilello,


For three years, we have heard the alarms about foreign interference in our elections. This dates to before the 2016 election. This should be an upfront concern for every American. This also should be the top priority for all employed with our taxpayer dollars, including those in our intelligence agencies and Congress. However, I am not seeing their serious concern reflected in the news media.

Is President Donald Trump really responsible for foreign interference in our elections? I wish I could find more definitive information. We need to stop pointing fingers and deal with facts.

It’s time to show concern for the freedoms we say are so important and put aside personal hatreds and politics.

Rich Adrian,