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Letter: Bus cameras are a good step for safety

A stop-arm bus camera of the kind that

A stop-arm bus camera of the kind that New York school districts are considering to stop drivers from going around stopped buses. Credit: Seon, a Safe Fleet brand

Newsday’s editorial in support of installing stop-arm cameras on school buses is spot on [“Install cameras

on school buses,” Oct. 2]. Evidence in other parts of the country shows these cameras to be effective in improving driver behavior.

We hope school districts immediately take advantage of the passage of local laws to install the cameras.

Additional state legislation approved this year would include a school bus safety component in the driver’s education curriculum and make available one question on school bus safety in the pre-licensing written exam. Should that bill become law, it also would improve driver behavior, starting with the next generation.

Cameras have proven to be a deterrent, particularly for repeat offenses. But we should be realistic that technology isn’t a panacea. More can be done.

Andy Pallotta, Latham, N.Y.

Editor’s note: The writer is president of the New York State United Teachers union.

Letter: Moderate Dems should have many priorities

In her column about Democratic candidates for president, Cathy Young writes, “But if ‘equality’ means gender-neutral public restrooms and endless scrutiny of personal pronouns, that’s not a vision too many people outside liberal college campuses can get behind” [“Culture wars could sink Democrats,” Opinion, Oct. 15].

If the “moderate” Democratic voters Young writes about are really more concerned about a particular group of people being treated like humans than with the climate crisis, rampant corruption, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, the Islamic State, and so on, they really need to re-examine their priorities.

But, yes, referring to someone by the pronouns that reflect the gender they identify with is treating that person like a human.

Jennifer Santo, Glen Cove