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Editorial misreads Trump Title VI order

President Donald Trump during a meeting in the

President Donald Trump during a meeting in the Oval Office of the White House on Tuesday in Washington. Credit: AP/Evan Vucci

Newsday’s editorial expresses concern that President Donald Trump is trying to amend the law “with an executive order that seems to label Judaism as a race or nationality” [“Wrong direction on anti-Semitism,” Dec. 17].

I believe it does nothing of the kind, but simply clarifies that Jews are covered by Title VI’s prohibition on discrimination on the basis of race and national origin to the extent that such discrimination is based not on hostility to Jews as a religion, but to Jews as an ethnic group with perceived common characteristics.

Even the Anti-Defamation League, which has criticized various Trump statements and appointments, praised the move.

Then the Newsday editorial threw in the red herring that Pastor Robert Jeffress, a Trump supporter who watched as Trump signed his executive order on Dec. 11, believes Jews are going to hell. Here’s a news flash: It is a basic belief of many Christians that all who do not accept Jesus as the messiah will be punished in the afterlife. More important, in this life, Jeffress is a strong supporter of Israel and its mission to keep Jews all over the world alive.

Many people who have long documented and noted the rise of anti-Semitic harassment on campus are applauding this move. Your editorial board embarrassed itself on this one and should have stayed silent.

Jake Novak,


Dissatisfied with MacArthur Airport

Why will the federal government waste $5.4 million to renovate the west concourse and airfield apron at Long Island McArthur Airport [“$5.4M for MacArthur upgrades,” News, Dec. 16]?

My family travels a lot. This year, I needed particular flights to Florida, Georgia and Chicago. I found that all would take a few hours from Kennedy Airport, but significantly longer from MacArthur because of layovers. (I avoid LaGuardia Airport because of the congestion there.)

I find very few direct or economical flights from MacArthur in comparison with service from Kennedy Airport. MacArthur could be a great resource for Long Islanders looking to avoid the hassle of Kennedy, but it fails me on every front.

Adrienne Bryant,