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Good Morning

Reader letters to Newsday for Friday, Dec. 27, 2019

President Donald Trump at the Turning Point USA

President Donald Trump at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on Dec. 21, 2019 in West Palm Beach, Fla. Credit: AP/Luis M. Alvarez

For a second year in a row, President Donald Trump missed the Kennedy Center Honors show [“Kennedy Center honorees feted,” News, Dec. 9]. Did he have a conflict with dates? These shows are scheduled well in advance so he should be able to attend. At least if he cannot attend the first lady should represent the White House.

I’m not offering criticism because this is Trump. All presidents should go to this event. These artists deserve to be recognized by the president of the United States. They contribute to the arts of this country. The president customarily also honors championship sports teams at the White House.

Maybe if Trump were highlighted, he would attend. Maybe his fingers were stuck on his Twitter keys.

Theodore Prager,


State legislators have better things to do

As a 53-year-old who grew up on Long Island, I am appalled that Assemb. Daniel O’Donnell wants to explore renaming Robert Moses State Park [“Robert Moses park name debate,” News, Dec. 8]. Why doesn’t Albany concentrate on other things that need fixing down here — roads, tolls, homelessness, etc. — instead of changing something that does not need to be changed?

Monica Klein,

Deer Park

Capturing essence of Port Jeff program

Reporter Bart Jones captured the essence of the Hope House rehabilitation center in Port Jefferson, and especially the HIMS and Her music group [“From a life of drugs to Carnegie Hall,” News, Dec. 15].

The Rev. Francis Pizzarelli, the founder of Hope House Ministries, does the most amazing work with such powerful commitment to succeed and help the young men dealing with addiction.

I hope all who read this beautiful story are inspired to help this commitment to flourish.

Tricia Halpin,



Housing challenges on LI are complex

The story about housing on Long Island [“Report: Nassau residents ages 20-44 down 0.3% since 2000,” News, Dec. 20] again speaks of younger people leaving the Island due to expensive housing.

This isn’t the only reason. The exorbitant taxes are definitely a factor. Another reason is overpopulation. The continuous building of apartments is not the answer. It has become impossible to move on this Island due to overpopulation. It takes me 45 minutes to an hour to travel 16 miles to work on Nicolls Road. Without traffic, it is a 15-minute drive.

This is an island, there is no place to expand except up. We are becoming the Bronx, and it isn’t pretty.

Val Romeo,