Good Evening
Good Evening

LI Life, thank you for the memories

Jerry and Lorraine Pesther of Levittown celebrated their

Jerry and Lorraine Pesther of Levittown celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary in 2019. Credit: Pesther Family

Thank you for the Love Story on Dec. 29 [“Middle-school teacher saw a ‘perfect couple’,” LI Life].

I also had attended PS 137, the six-room schoolhouse in Springfield Gardens, Queens. A great school, good people and a great education. Good luck and thanks to Jerry and Lorraine Pesther of Levittown for sharing their story.

Thomas Elworthy,


Worshippers should be left alone

Like many people, I have a mental list of things that most concern me. The health and well-being of my family is first, and I also pray for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the homeless on these cold winter evenings.

Thanks to the Dec. 23 letter “Nonbelievers can hope and work for peace,” I have added atheists and agnostics to my concern list. I was especially interested in the fact that the “ancients” celebrated the return of the sun on Dec. 21, though I wonder whether the millions of people living in the southern hemisphere do the same on June 21.

Respectfully, I suggest to the writer that he is free to worship, or not, as he pleases. This goes for all who subscribe to his beliefs. Leave the believers alone, and we will leave you alone.

Thomas Focone,

Stony Brook