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New York State facing $6B deficit

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivers his State

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivers his State of the State address at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center on Wednesday in Albany. Credit: AP/Hans Pennink

The article “Legislators face new agenda” [News, Jan. 6] details Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo advising that New York faces a $6.1 billion budget deficit. In response, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie (D-Bronx) says:

“When there is a concern about having enough money, the two options always are do you cut spending or do you raise revenue? For us in the Assembly, we always believe in raising revenue.”

Certainly credit the speaker for his candor. What you vote for is what you get.

More taxes and more fees.

Jack McDonough,


Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State legislature can eliminate the budget deficit, help put the state in a surplus, and probably reduce the state’s income tax and/or sales tax by simply passing legalized sports betting in New York and taxing it accordingly.

It’s time for New York to wake up like some of our surrounding states, and pass sports betting to help lower our taxes.

 Steven Factor,


Always stress qualifications

Why must we know that Yvette Aguiar is the first Latina supervisor? [“Riverhead’s 1st Latina supervisor urges unity,” News, Jan. 2]

We are faced with discrimination over gender and ethnicity as well as anti-Semitism. I hope that what Aguiar, a Republican, said is true: “I did not run my campaign on gender or ethnicity. I ran my campaign on the people and the issues.” Her qualifications and ability are more important.

In the United States all people are created equal, so why do we single out race and not qualifications?

Enrica Bilello,



Union contracts a test to taxpayers

With an average salary of more than $165,000 a year at the end of the police contract with Long Beach, the officers’ rejection of the deal shows just how greedy municipal unions have become [“Police reject contract,” News, Dec. 21].

The taxpayers of Long Beach should tell city officials that they should pull back the new contract that was offered, and tell the union to take the old contract, or leave.

Thomas Smith,



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