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Drinking at theaters not a good idea

Alcohol may soon be a coming attraction at

Alcohol may soon be a coming attraction at more movie theaters in New York State. Credit: Daniel Brennan

Regarding the story “Drink and a movie” [Business, Jan. 7], could someone explain the obsession to make Long Island an alcohol-everywhere place?

Can you really not sit still without a drink for two hours? Must your senses really be affected by alcohol before you can enjoy a movie? Must everything be about increasing profits for theaters? If someone comes in drunk and continues drinking in the theater, will the movie house be liable when that customer drives away?

Really, this is such a bad idea!

Kenneth Ruppel,


Just what we need!

I had to stop going to Jones Beach concerts because of drunken behavior and now the state is considering selling beer at movie theaters during films with a PG-13 or above rating.

Bad idea.


Mary McKenna,