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Some LIRR riders are inconsiderate

An empty set of seats on an LIRR

An empty set of seats on an LIRR train at the Hicksville LIRR station on January 3, 2019. Credit: Kendall Rodriguez/Kendall Rodriguez

Regarding those Long Island Rail Road passengers who leave their bags on seats and then feign sleep on crowded trains, I suggest a very satisfying response [“Deep-seated choices,” News, Jan. 5].

That would be to wake them up and then offer to move their bag or backpack to the luggage rack. Offering to move the bag typically defuses the snarky response or false disturbance at being woken up.

As a longtime commuter, this helped to reduce my stress and frequently provided amusement and encouragement to other standing commuters.

Mark Weintraub,

Old Bethpage  


Regarding “Deep-seated choices,” I find it upsetting to read of a rider’s “seat strategy.” In my opinion, this commuter should be ashamed to admit to pretend to be asleep to deprive another person of the seat where she has placed her backpack and “other stuff.”

Most other riders are considerate of fellow commuters — and this rider should realize kindness goes a along way, especially in these times!

Jane Botta,



Poor hearing plans for Gyrodyne proposal

The Town of Smithtown deserves an F for the planning of the venue for the Planning Board public hearing on the Gyrodyne company’s proposal for development [“Developing in detail,” News, Jan. 2]. Less than one-third of those who showed up for the hearing were admitted.

Officials must have known that the large development proposal — a 75-acre site in St. James — would generate significant interest. Yet they held the meeting in a small room of the Smithtown Senior Center. Shame on the Town of Smithtown to keep this most important meeting so restricted.

I only hope the voters remember this next election.

Richard Kampf,



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