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Rice wrongly tries to blame Trump

President Donald Trump meets with European Commission President

President Donald Trump meets with European Commission President Ursula von Der Leyen in Davos, Switzerland on Tuesday. Credit: AP/Evan Vucci

After more than three years of daily bashing, politicians like Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice continue to play the political blame game [“Rice puts problems on Trump,” News, Jan. 20]. Rice blames the high tuition and housing costs on Long Island on President Donald Trump. Perhaps she thinks tuition and housing were somehow much less expensive four years ago before Trump was elected. Any reader on Long Island who put a child through college over the past 10 years can understand how absurdly political Rice’s comments sound. Do Long Island homeowners really think, like Rice does, that their home was much more affordable three years ago before Trump?

Absurd political rhetoric like this should end and voters should step up and put an end to it at the ballot box. Do comments like hers really represent Long Islanders or just aim to divide us?

Rich Adrian,


Impact of climate change, immigrants

Why do we have to cater to those who are here illegally [“DMV adds staff to ease long lines,” News, Jan. 11]? There is no national emergency for which immigrants applying for a driver’s license have to overload our system and truly inconvenience many people.

Can no one see the problem with this? People are screaming about climate change and how that affects many lives and hurts our planet. People who complain about climate change should also scream about population saturation. Long Island has just so much space and the time has come for not building any homes. If we continue to build on every piece of open land, life as we know it will be gone. The sheer number of immigrants lining up for driver’s licenses I’m sure have families and friends who want to come here. We cannot continue to allow overpopulation on the Island.

Edward Tardibuono,



A distinction that is worth mentioning

Is the letter writer of “A short-sighted view of immigration” [Letters, Jan. 17] being deceptive or misinformed? “How many Regeneron Science Talent Search scholars are waiting at our southern border,” the writer asks, pointing to the diversity of this year’s winners. Why do many liberals make no distinction between legal immigrants who are vetted, sponsored, pay the fees and wait for years to gain entry, and those trying to enter illegally and of whom we know nothing about?

Andrew Ross,

Kings Park

Of impeachment and Soleimani

A recent letter writer suggests that President Donald Trump’s impeachment is political and Democrats would mirror the behavior they criticize today in Republicans [“What if Trump, Obama roles were reversed,” Letters, Jan. 15].

While the parties are partisan, the writer’s opinion is contradicted by history. During President Bill Clinton’s impeachment, the administration turned over relevant documents and provided testimony. Many Democrats, in fact, behaved differently than Republicans are doing today.

Second, the writer ignores that there has never been a scandal related to former President Barack Obama. Had Obama spent his time defaming war heroes, consorting with adult actresses and extorting foreign nations for political favors one can only imagine the legitimate outcry from Republicans.

Too bad they are unable to call out one of their own.

Cynthia Lovecchio,

Glen Cove

I strive to be fair and impartial in my dealings with people, but there’s something I can’t reconcile.

When President Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden, he received accolades and high praise, but when President Donald Trump killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani, he was treated with disdain and contempt. Can someone tell me: What is the difference? As far as I can see, both actions were similarly effective, appropriate and beneficial to the world.

Steve Yandy,



Oh, the hypocrisy. Rep. Kathleen Rice, before you blame anyone else for the ill-advised student loans, immigration issues and unfair housing, please bring the following to your constituents:

First, help merge the fantastic Garden City School district with the neighboring Hempstead district. This will surely achieve racial equality in the school district. Then help renovate the St. Paul’s School in Garden City and house the Dreamers or provide the loan-free college you blame everyone else for. Then wait by the ballot box and see whether your overtaxed NIMBY fans agree.

Anthony Bordano,