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Hall of Fame vote for Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter speaks to the media after being

Derek Jeter speaks to the media after being elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2020 on Wednesday at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City. Credit: Getty Images/Mike Stobe

On the Derek Jeter Hall of Fame vote, although I may bleed orange and blue as a true Mets fan, Jeter deserved a unanimous Hall of Fame vote [“All but one agree that Jeter belongs,” Sports, Jan. 22]. The writer who did not vote for Jeter must be bleeding green with envy!

Laura Quinlan,


Mariano Riviera was the best-ever closer. He deserved his 100% vote results for the Hall of Fame. Derek Jeter was a great player. He was in the top 100. Top 50, though? He did not deserve a unanimous vote.

Jeff Ward,


As a lifelong Mets fan, I can only say one thing about the induction of Derek Jeter into the Hall of Fame. Congratulations to one of the classiest players, on and off the field. Well deserved!

Bill Scheu,

East Yaphank

The need to protect horseshoe crabs

Horseshoe crabs are the latest marine species to be wiped out of the Great South Bay [“Pitching for the horseshoe,” News, Jan. 19]. This includes various fish, clams, oysters and crabs. This is a result of pollution and overharvesting. Horseshoe crabs are now extinct in 85 percent of the bay, as indicated in the article. Monitoring, restrictions and harvest enforcement have been useless. It is annoying to constantly listen to people who want to catch the last flounder, or the last horseshoe crab.

We should rename the bay the Great Dead Bay.

Lawrence Donohue,

West Islip

When to remove a president?  

To say “senators . . . can say that [Donald] Trump’s actions were wrong but not sufficient reason enough to throw him out” [“Fair trial is only way forward,” Editorial, Jan. 22] begs the question. If inviting a foreign government to meddle in our elections (not for the first time) and stonewalling Congress in its duty to investigate are not sufficient reasons to remove a president, what is? A failure to convict and remove will mean that any future presidential election, if its result is even to be believed, will effectively result in a coronation, not a legitimate conferring of power.

Eric Jurist,



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