Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Glad to see this cover story run

Brigid Turner runs the trails at Massapequa Preserve.

Brigid Turner runs the trails at Massapequa Preserve.  Credit: Barry Sloan

Bravo to your LI Life cover story “Sole Sisters” [“Black girls run! Supports fitness and builds community,” Feb. 9]. Not only was it a salute to Black History Month, but also it was inspiring and motivational about the need for all of us to exercise. Focusing on well-being and good health is paramount to everybody.

Keep up the good intent to educate and help people make good choices.

Denise Childs Lewis,


Wondering of GOP role if Dems win

If a Democrat wins the next presidential election, I wonder how long it will be before congressional Republicans rediscover the rule of law, the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, the seriousness and responsibility of their oaths to the Constitution, and the danger of out-of-control budget deficits. My guess is that it would happen with lightning speed.

Marjorie Lundgren,

Stony Brook 

How will media cover Dems’ next moves?

I can only wonder how the media will handle the next round of the Democratic quest for impeachment. Having witnessed an acquittal, and rightly so, it seems that the left’s appetite has not yet been satisfied.

Impeachment has been on their agenda since President Donald Trump took office, and it will continue to be their goal. They should concentrate on the coming election and win at the polls, the American way, instead of trying to impeach. One can see that Democrats are trying to tarnish Trump before the election in hopes of pulling an upset.

Bruce Poulos, Massapequa  

Cutting foreign aid helps our country

The American taxpayer is a gullible fool. So President Donald Trump momentarily withheld aid from Ukraine [“Trump aims at aid to poor in his budget,” News, Feb. 11]. So what! Just why is hard-working American taxpayer money being shipped around the world, so often to corrupt and unfriendly countries? Just another example of quid pro quo.

Trump is correct in asking for an $11 billion cut in foreign aid in the upcoming federal budget. With crumbling infrastructures, a patchwork health care system and many schools unprepared for the future, it is time the American taxpayer demands the government support our country’s needs first.

Craig Henry, West Hempstead  

Here’s the real impeachment loser

Now that the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary are done, it is readily apparent that the biggest loser in the impeachment of President Donald Trump is former Vice President Joe Biden.

I believe that in their rush to judgment, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and committee chairmen Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler fanned the flames of doubt about Biden that now haunt him. Their actions give credence to “you reap what you sow.”

Bob Kersch, Great River  

Hateful words in cop shooting don’t help

Several times, the article about the fine officers who were targeted mentioned how violence against police is driven by hate [“NYPD: Cops were targeted by shooter,” News, Feb. 10]. But near the end, President Donald Trump was quoted as blaming New York politicians with hateful comments.

He is vindictive toward anyone who opposes him. He spews hatred against immigrants, Democrats and others on a daily basis. These hate comments were jarring and inappropriate. His hate-fueled speech justifies hate. This time, the police paid the price. Someone always will.

Daniel Lubetsky, Bayside  

Hopeful that political turmoil will cease

Until 2016, politics occupied only a small part of my day-to-day consciousness, and I felt comfortable leaving our domestic and global issues to the politicians. Now, when alone, my mind too often is distracted by the tumult of the here and now.

I was totally immersed in the impeachment hearings and am horrified at the prospect of four more years of strife. I will vote for whoever is the candidate of the Democratic Party but wish it could be Rep. Adam Schiff of California. I hung on his every word and suspect there are millions of others who also were affected by his ability to speak such truth.

I work full time in a large Long Island teaching hospital and am in my early 80s. I appreciate how frail life can be and, maybe in part for that reason, wish my remaining years to be a time of hope for this country that I have loved for so long.

Edward S. Wind, Huntington


Ban New York’s Green Light Law

The federal government has every right to ban New Yorkers from many of its Trusted Traveler Programs [“Gov: Memo proves reprisal,” News, Feb. 12]. And I live in New York.

This action is clear evidence that the Green Light Law should be abolished and never again see the light of day. This law was the most idiotic law ever enacted, but now it can affect my nation’s and my family’s security? Any possible reason given for this law is trumped (no pun intended) by impaired security.

Bill Morello, Kings Park