Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Both parties should do what's right

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of N.Y., speaks

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of N.Y., speaks on the Senate floor on March 5, 2020 at the Capitol in Washington. Credit: AP

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s comments about the Supreme Court justices were out of line and inappropriate [“Roberts chides Schumer for remarks on 2 justices,” News, March 5]. Both Democrats and Republicans should be condemning such language. But it seems only Republicans are commenting about Schumer.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is in the middle of a pandemic. He lies and tells people it is OK to go to work when sick, directly contradicting all health guidelines. Why aren’t the Republicans condemning the president for endangering the lives of Americans with his ignorance and lies?

The consistent refusal of both parties to criticize their own members is unacceptable. The American public is sick and tired of the partisan politics and rhetoric. We want Congress and the president to start doing their jobs. We didn’t vote them into office to represent their parties, we elected them to serve the American people. If they worked in the private sector, they would all be fired for incompetence.

Michael McBride, Moriches  

For so many years, Sen. Chuck Schumer has done a good job for New York, but some time ago I started suspecting he wasn’t good for America.

After his awful performance outside the Supreme Court demonstrating with supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, it is evident he should retire. I believe he’s like former Vice President Joe Biden, who is older. These politicians start making poor statements, forget where they are and take license with their oral opinions, doing this while still holding office. It means it’s time to retire.

At this point, I wouldn’t vote for either one — too dangerous.

Bob Casale,Glen Head