Good Morning
Good Morning

Is this real life, or science fiction?

The Starbucks in Westbury has a closed sign

The Starbucks in Westbury has a closed sign do to the COVID-19 outbreak on Tuesday. Credit: Howard Schnapp

If I read a science-fiction book on the world recently, I would say it’s too far-fetched and would say this could never happen. When I read that schools are closing along with businesses because of the coronavirus, and airlines and the government is telling us to not leave our homes, it is more than frightful [“Coming to grips with fear factor,” News, March 15]. This period of time will never be forgotten. I just pray we’ll reach normalcy soon.

Martin Blumberg,


God made the human body to be resilient and to withstand adversity [“Virus finds us unmoored,” Editorial, March 15]. We survived the Spanish flu, Asian flu, smallpox, tuberculosis, black plague, bubonic plague, cholera, swine flu, leprosy, AIDS, and we will survive the coronavirus. These were all pandemics that occurred throughout history. Have faith and this, too, shall pass.

The important thing, to me, is not to panic but to realize that some in the media are taking advantage of a captive audience by acting as commentators instead of news reporters.

Pat King,


Perhaps this pandemic will help the masses realize what is truly important in life, and for those who don’t participate in Lent, what self-sacrifice is. All the hysteria is ridiculous — people stocking up on toilet tissue, bread and water is laughable [“LIers throng markets, stores amid virus fears,” News, March 13]. It’s the height of selfishness and greed. Not to worry, folks. This, too, shall pass — hopefully in time for Easter. May God bless us all.

Bob Slingo,

East Northport

Why are Long Islanders in such an Armageddon hysteria over food, stripping grocery store shelves in a panic? This is not a hurricane. The roads and bridges are open for delivery trucks. Cows are being milked, chickens are laying eggs, and I suspect any food product you might need can and will be delivered. There is no reason for the food supply chain to be broken. We all need to calm down and just think sensibly for a moment. Wash your hands. Stay out of large crowds, and carry on.

Adrienne Bryant,