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Debate over 'civility' bumper sticker

President Trump speaks during the daily briefing on

President Trump speaks during the daily briefing on the novel coronavirus in the Rose Garden of the White House on Tuesday. Credit: AFP via Getty Images/MANDEL NGAN

Bravo to Joe Ruszczyk, whose letter chastised the political left for being so obviously intolerant, including learning institutions that supposedly educate the next generation [“Bumper sticker raises question of civility,” Just Sayin’, March 28]. Anytime a discussion arises touching on politics between two protagonists, the diatribe from the left crops up and word for word is repeated from what they heard on biased news media. The reputation Democrats had for a “Fair Deal” is fading away. When Franklin D. Roosevelt was president, the animosity was not as overt and hateful as it is currently, and the two parties drank together and played golf together.

The job in office was to protect and defend voters who put them in office, not to bicker and behave like children. What happened to the axiom “Live and let live”?

Pat King,


Regarding the item “Bumper sticker raises question of civility,” all forms of civility are gone since the president of this country leads the nation in bullying, lies, name-calling, threats, abuse of power — shall I go on? So the public is following his lead, and I am not saying they are right, but you must understand where it is coming from.

Sharon Eckhaus,


How can someone be disappointed that his bumper sticker, supporting arguably the world’s rudest man, draws uncivil responses?

President Donald Trump makes fun of the disabled, uses filthy language, openly insults women and minorities, and creates offensive nicknames for people. Does the author believe that only Trump and his followers have the right to be insulting and coarse? Is he surprised that under this “leadership” discourse has deteriorated?

Over the years I have had political bumper stickers ripped off my car and was almost run off the Connecticut Turnpike by a gentleman who apparently disagreed with my support for Planned Parenthood. Many Trump supporters have selected the bottom of the barrel in terms of manners. Don’t be surprised when you see those behaviors exercised by the rest of us.

Cynthia Lovecchio,

Glen Cove