Good Evening
Good Evening


Credit: Getty Images/DrAfter123

I heard the word exhilaration

to describe the growing protestation

of brutality in our fractured nation

born of fear of darker pigmentation

and violent enforced segregation 

continuous unjust incarceration

what of this masked congregation

demanding justice, not just condemnation

this despair is not of their creation

but a torch passed from our generation

will this be their Kent State situation?

social media fuels exasperation

with the response of this administration

our clergy plead for contemplation

politicians preach failed negotiation

while destruction causes indignation

I wake with fraught anticipation

rapid heartbeat and respiration

there is no price or reparation

to erase memory of the plantation

history’s whip of brutalization

and subsequent marginalization

this year’s events beg memorization

art, song and thoughtful documentation

of how murder served as galvanization

to heal the sins of our civilization


Sherri London Pastolove,



Editor’s note: The writer is the author of “Cowgirls,” a collection of poetry.