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Good Afternoon

Marches won't work without voting

Demonstrators carry signs, chant, and march Sunday from

Demonstrators carry signs, chant, and march Sunday from Freeport to Roosevelt protesting racism and police brutality. Credit: Jeff Bachner

Hundreds of thousands of people have been marching for more than three weeks [“Condemnation, celebration across LI,” News, June 20]. But I want to remind them that marching is great, yet every one of them must vote. They must make sure they are correctly registered, then they must vote, in person or by mail. Congrats to the marchers for airing their feelings against this administration, but if they don’t vote, they can march to the moon and back and their actions will be meaningless.

Karyn Dornfield,

Long Beach

This disrespects the American flag

Although a veteran, I never thought that Colin Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem was disrespectful to this country or its military [“Soldiers fought for First Amendment,” Letters, June 9]. I always saw it as a sign of peaceful protest addressing the racial divide and civil rights issues.

What do I think constitutes disrespecting the American flag? You disrespect the flag when you refuse to wear your country’s uniform and serve in the military. When you make a mockery of the Constitution and the rule of law. When you threaten to use the military against its own citizens. When you weaponize the Justice Department and denigrate career personnel who have dedicated their lives to serving the Constitution. When you routinely fire anyone who speaks truth to power. When you have no respect for the system of checks and balances that our Founding Fathers put in place as a foundation for our democracy. When you have done these things you have disrespected our flag and betrayed our country.

Vincent Fiordalisi,

East Norwich

Surely, Cuomo knows virus’ genesis

I am confident that our governor knows the coronavirus originated in China [“Tell Cuomo virus came from China,” Letters, May 29]. I’d say to suggest otherwise is uninformed. Several health agencies and media stories have informed us that the coronavirus’ genetics found at this pandemic’s start match the genetics of the virus found in many European countries. This particular strain caused the earliest infections and deaths. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is not defending China. He is simply speaking about the spread of this deadly virus and how it got to America. The virus was apparently here much earlier than originally believed and was spreading undetected here in New York.

Carol Mascia,

Garden City South

Mentally ill need better support now

Insurance companies must realize people now need more support when they are suffering from mental illness [“A looming mental health crisis,” Editorial, May 24]. They are isolated and can’t get out to see their therapists or psychiatrists. Everything is Zoom or FaceTime. It’s not as effective as being face to face in person. The companies should consider that some people need more services than usual, such as out of network or from out of state. When these services are denied, people appeal and anxiously wait for a decision. This is cruel to people with mental illness. It’s time to look closely at our health care system. People should not be worrying and stressing about paying out of pocket for help they need. It makes a bad situation intolerable for them and those who love them.

Barbara Scanzano,


How racism is emboldened in U.S.

I commend Lane Filler for his on-target analysis “When racism has absolutely no fear” [Opinion, June 10]. The American experiment is infused with contradiction in its depiction of racial and individual equality.

No child is born a racist. A child is born into racism; a personality deformity inherited from and taught by the usual suspects — parents. Environment does play a part. Water seeks its own level. People normally associate with people of like convictions. Nevertheless, a collective will to publicly express hatred, bigotry and racism became a stigma in the American moral fabric. Better to keep it in the closet.

To Filler’s point, people of that persuasion now feel emboldened. Why? One need look no further than the White House. Our commander in chief has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of empathy for the human condition of people of color, thereby giving license to white supremacists and their supporters to express their hatred under the protection of the First Amendment. The same man who said he would clean the swamp has become its worst pollutant.

Ron Scott,

St. James

Not wearing a mask is irresponsible

Science does not care what you believe [“Trump backers, foes clash near Tulsa rally arena,” Nation, June 20]. The evidence is overwhelming that face masks and social distancing work. For people such as President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, to say she will not wear a mask because she is tested regularly is nothing short of ludicrous. Daily testing will only let you know whether or not you contracted the virus. It will not prevent you from getting it.

Mark Herzog,

Rockville Centre