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Town must resolve LIPA issue now

The LIPA Power Plant in Northport is seen

The LIPA Power Plant in Northport is seen from above on July 1, 2019. Credit: Newsday / John Keating

The Huntington Town Board, to me, is playing Russian roulette with LIPA and National Grid regarding the tax settlement of the Northport power plant [“Huntington board vote OKs 2 forums on LIPA settlement,” News, July 23]. And town residents will have to pay the penalty if they lose and have to pay astronomically higher taxes. I do not like paying higher taxes any more than the next person, but if the Huntington Town Board refuses to settle and the judge rules in favor of LIPA and National Grid, then Huntington will be devastated by having to make up the entire tax bill.

This lawsuit has been ongoing for more than 10 years. For the board to say it needs more time is ridiculous. It has been stalling and dragging its feet far too long for something that should have been settled years ago. New York State came to the aid of Shoreham when its plant was deactivated. Now that we are in the middle of a pandemic and the state is facing huge deficits itself, can the state rescue Huntington? Too much is at stake for Huntington residents. The Huntington Town Board should quit playing games.

Roger Kaufmann,

East Northport

It’s about time to remove mascots

I admire the passion and struggle of the Native American tribes in their efforts to have mascots removed, but perhaps Harry Wallace, of the Unkechaug Nation, should know that for many of us, Native Americans hold a very positive powerful image [“Enough is enough,” Opinion, July 23].

I was born and raised on Long Island, and so were my parents. I am older than Wallace. I had what I believe was a traditional education. When I attended elementary school, part of our education was learning about the American Indian tribes, especially those here on Long Island. I forevermore had a strong image of Native Americans. I always chose to be an “Indian” when we played “cowboys and Indians,” and it was nonviolent play, usually with my brother or another friend. We would “scout the woods” for who knows what but always had an exciting time. Almost every year, my parents brought us to the Shinnecock Powwow, which enriched our lives and helped us feel even more connected to our roots on this island. Sometimes we don’t realize that we believe in a negative stereotype until someone turns on the light bulb.

This nation should be proud and excited to be finally removing such offensive mascots.

Susan Hennings,


No need for Cuomo to join jet set

By and large, I think Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has done an excellent job dealing with various aspects of the coronavirus. And it’s great that he wants to pay it forward by giving guidance to Georgia’s leaders and residents on how to deal with the virus.

However, given the massive deficits being dealt with at all levels of government, it seems ludicrous that he flew to Savannah instead of doing it via Zoom, Skype or a similar service [“Cuomo’s directive on virus: ‘Knock it off’,” News, July 21]. Even a good old-fashioned telephone would have made more sense.

Marc Eiger,


Stop pensions to MTA and teachers

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has a revenue shortfall. Its solution? Raise rates [“MTA eyes adding to fare hikes,” News, July 23]. When small, midsize and large businesses have revenue shortfalls, what are some of their solutions? Layoffs; eliminate overtime; cut hours and benefits; demand better rates from vendors; demand supervisors get better production; postpone upgrades and promotions; close facilities; seek low-interest, short-term loans, etc. Thanks to archaic rules and powerful union involvement, the MTA’s hands are tied with certain things.

Also, as a lifelong Nassau County resident, I feel I’ve been brainwashed that we must pay teachers what we do and give them the benefits that we do to attract the best teachers. I’d say that charter schools blew that one out of the water. I mention this because I don’t know why we still give teachers pensions.

I feel pensions should have been eliminated 40 years ago for Nassau County schools, state and local government, and the MTA. I believe they are outdated, cost prohibitive and unsustainable. Why, after paying someone a very competitive salary and giving them fantastic benefits, do I have to continue to do that in perpetuity after they no longer work? Stop burdening taxpayers and mass transit users with that extra cost. Eliminate pensions.

Tommy Gregoretti,


Changing the sound of America’s voice

The American citizenry must wake up to the dangerous actions of our president and his enablers [“Trump delivers on purge of the VOA,” Opinion, June 25].

By the administration firing all the government employees who staff the U.S. Agency for Global Media (who have great integrity and experience) and replacing them with Trump acolytes, our president has finally garnered his own radio station.

He will be free to destroy the non-partisan nature of news which we disseminate through the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe and other venues. The oppressed people of the world be damned.

This frightening distortion of democracy cannot continue.

Sherry Eckstein,