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Readers respond to 'losers' report

President Donald Trump talks his then-Secretary of Homeland

President Donald Trump talks his then-Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly at Arlington National Cemetery on May 29, 2017. Credit: The Washington Post/Matt McClain

President Donald Trump reportedly referred to those who served this country and those who lost their lives in service as “losers” and “suckers” [“Biden, prez react to ‘suckers’ report,” News, Sept. 5]. I have a question: Where do the “losers and suckers” stop? If a person in the service is a sucker and a war hero is a loser, then police officers and firefighters, who put their lives on the line, must be losers, too, or, at the least, suckers. And Long Island’s volunteer firefighters — they must be extra-large losers and suckers because they aren’t even paid to put their lives in danger. How do some unions and their members support this man who holds them in contempt? Emergency medical technicians, nurses, doctors, essential workers during this pandemic, risking everything for others and to keep food on their tables — losers all! I guess even teachers, who may not be in danger every day, but work hard to serve the larger community — they must be losers under Trump’s criteria. In fact, anyone who does anything for another human just out of simple human compassion, caring and justice, which make our country great, must all be losers. And suckers.

Roseann Forziano,


To all those who support or lean to supporting President Donald Trump for another four years I ask you, has the Trump experiment been a success or a failure? I voted for him in 2016 as the lesser of two evils. Two years ago, it became obvious to me that he was the greater of two evils. Never in my 84 years have I ever seen anyone so unpresidential, immoral and whose code of living is “quid pro quo.” I believe he has destroyed any semblance of respect from our allies and engendered appreciation from our enemies.

Now, he commits the most grievous of all insults and calls our dead and wounded military personnel “losers and suckers.” It is because of these “losers and suckers” that Trump can continue to insult and demean Americans. Trump is the last person I would want to have “my back” in war. I would rather have his back to make sure he is advancing rather than retreating.

James J. McCormick,

East Northport

One way to counter President Donald Trump’s reported statements that captured and dead U.S. military service members were “losers” is to make him a loser on Nov. 3.

Peter Hanson,


Editor’s note: The writer retired as an Air Force captain in 1968.

Moms group supports Jericho family shelter

While negativity and fear have surrounded the proposed Jericho Family Support Center, I do not want Jericho to be known for that [“Protest against homeless shelter,” News, Aug. 26]. We may not be as loud, but many people in Jericho support the center and want to help. A group of four other Jericho moms and I have formed Jericho Cares. We did not all know each other before this, but our kindness brought us together. We worked with the John Theissen Children’s Foundation to supply each of the less fortunate children living in Jericho motels with a backpack stuffed with school supplies. Thanks to many donations, we provided each family with toiletries, snacks, masks and sanitizer. Mahatma Gandhi said, we should be the change we want to see in the world. We are the change. We plan to support our Jericho families any way we can. We want them to hear this loud and clear: We support you and Jericho cares!

Fran O’Connor,


Readers’ rebuttals on responses to letter

In response to all of the negative responses to Newsday reader Tom Focone’s letter about Roe v. Wade, I believe that a nation that allows those with no voice to be extinguished will be judged harshly by history [“Disagreeing with reader on 2020 vote,” Sept. 4]. To me, history will view U.S. abortion laws as barbaric. To reader Keith Rossein, who wrote, “The answer to my questions impact actual, living people and affect their families and those that are empathetic to the loss of life,” I say this: Those babies inside the wombs of their moms are actual, living people — just follow the science to the babies’ heartbeats.

Debra M. Eannel,

Seaford Harbor

You published the “horrified” reader responses to a letter writer’s choice for president in 2020. I am “horrified” but not surprised at all of the people condemning his choice of President Donald Trump [“Disagreeing with reader on 2020 vote,” Letters, Sept. 4]. To me, as long as they agree with the left, it’s fine to print. Disagree, and it’s almost deplorable.

Joe Cavallo,

Deer Park

Biden follows in Trump’s success

Isn’t it interesting that virtually from the minute President Donald Trump announced he would go to Kenosha, Wisconsin, many Democrats and liberal media blasted the visit as inappropriate and inciting violence? The visit apparently went well and was appreciated by the Kenosha police, business community, and all the residents who turned out and even some public officials. Then, as soon as former Vice President Joe Biden saw that, he decided to give Kenosha the benefit of his empathy. It seems hypocritical to me.

Michael Quane,

South Hempstead