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Southern State has raceway element

A makeshift memorial sits between exits 29 and

A makeshift memorial sits between exits 29 and 30 on the eastbound Southern State Parkway near where four people died in a wrong-way collision last week.   Credit: Kendall Rodriguez

Southern State has raceway element

On several occasions, I could barely distinguish the entrance sign to the Southern State Parkway from the exit sign ["4 killed, 2 injured in crash on Southern State," News, Sept. 16]. Only a few yards separate the two signs and the entrance and exit. I do not drink and drive. I am 74, and it’s been this way for decades. I always drive slowly as I get on or off the parkway, based on years of driving on the Southern State. This confusion may contribute to the accident-prone roadway. This problem is also evident on a few entrances and exits on the Cross Island Parkway. Yet another problematic area is the serpentine road that begins when the Cross Island empties onto the Southern State, turning it into a veritable raceway. What would Robert Moses do? I’d bet that parkways would have been updated to meet the needs of the additional traffic and speeds of today’s automobiles.

Angela Calitri, East Marion

The reader who agreed that one-way tire-puncture barriers to wrong-way highway entrances is a good idea is off-base ["Ramp suggestion said to be too costly," Letters, Sept. 7]. What if emergency vehicles need access to the roadway and this is the only way to arrive at a scene?

Michael Castellano, New Hyde Park

Trump, COVID-19 and the election

President Donald Trump claims he withheld crucial information concerning the coronavirus so as not to panic Americans. Certainly panicking is not a good thing. Consider this scenario: Imagine you’re vacationing with friends and family at a luxurious mountain cabin. Awakening earlier than the others, you receive an alert that a massive forest fire is headed your way. It will overrun the cabin and everything else in its path. The good news? It is still five miles away. You have time to save people. You certainly don’t want anyone to panic — jumping out of windows does no good, only harm. However, would you tell everyone (falsely), "The fire is only a couple of acres; pretty soon it will be one, and then none; it will gradually disappear." Then you might add, "This whole fire thing is just a forest ranger’s hoax." What would you do to protect the ones you love?

Steven Blasko, Ridge

By undercutting the advice of the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding the efficacy of wearing masks to combat the coronavirus, President Donald Trump, to me, has again tailored his presidential leadership to the lowest common denominator \["Trump, CDC at odds," News, Sept. 17\]. Fearful of doing anything that might alienate or infuriate any segment of his core supporters, many of whom find a mandate to wear a mask in public an infringement on their constitutional if not God-given rights, Trump tries to keep his supporters feeling "free to be me," regardless of whether it means that their own health will be in danger or the nation’s social, economic and public health agonies will continue. Trump has likened his coronavirus leadership over the past nine months to Winston Churchill’s rallying the British public during World War II. Churchill said he had nothing to offer other than "blood, toil, tears and sweat." Unfortunately, through deception and mismanagement, I see Trump as skipping straight to the tears and, as a result, our nation’s soul is crying for its dead.

Chuck Cutolo, Westbury

This is how I perceive President Donald Trump. He hates losing so I believe he’ll rig the election by creating doubts about voting safety; sabotage the Post Office; and encourage fewer voting sites in minority areas. Responsibility about COVID-19? More than 200,000 deaths. The Obama-Biden administration faced an Ebola virus and acted quickly. Trump dismantled the pandemic program. Fiscal manager? We have the highest budget deficit since World War II. Promises kept? Illegal border crossings were steadily falling for almost two decades until the "Build the Wall" issue. Mexico has not paid for it. Promising a congressional group he would sign bipartisan Dreamers legislation, he eventually reneged. He promised Parkland High School parents he would sign gun-control laws before speaking with the National Rifle Association and reneged. Commander in chief? Trump undermines NATO, alienates allies, panders to autocratic dictators, reportedly believes Americans who died in war are "losers" and "suckers," destroys morale, ignores U.S. intelligence reports that Russian President Valdimir Putin reportedly put bounties on our troops in Afghanistan, abandoned our Kurd allies in Syria. Law and order? Trump creates controversy, his words promoting fear, distrust, hate and division. I’d prefer safety and security — and a lasting democracy.

Clare Worthing, Wantagh

If you are among the small percentage of criminals who have hijacked any of the legitimate protests taking place across America by looting, destroying property or attacking police: Look in the mirror because I believe you are responsible if President Donald Trump is reelected. The Trump playbook for reelection seems obvious. Besides his own statements, I believe he is using Attorney General Bill Barr, among others, to make statements and analogies to instigate more anger. Beware if you resort to violence: Our country will suffer for another four years.

Tom Gilroy, Melville