Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Trump caravan stirs observers' emotions

Spectators and supporters of President Trump watch as

Spectators and supporters of President Trump watch as a pro-Donald Trump car parade arrives in Montauk on Sunday. Credit: Gordon M. Grant

While it is certainly their right, I must question why supporters of President Donald Trump across Long Island are out with their American flags and pro-Trump signs yelling and screaming from their cars, boats, motorcycles and roadway overpasses.

What is it about him that draws their fervent loyalty? Do they agree that global warming is a mistaken belief and that Trump knows better than the world’s top scientists? Maybe they believe his fearmongering and anticipate "bad people" will be coming to their neighborhoods, turning their segregated communities into something less segregated. Then there is his anti-abortion stance. Quite a few have sacrificed their religious and moral codes to stand behind him if only for this one controversial issue. Supporters say they love him because he tells it like it is. That is problematic in that Trump lies and lies. For some, this isn’t a problem.

So how does Trump earn the respect of the country he now serves? Could it be he knows more than all the generals combined and all the suckers buried in Arlington National Cemetery or just maybe QAnon has dashed all common sense from the room? I just don’t know.

Bob Bascelli,


Your article "Trump ‘MAGA-Gras’ rally rolls across South Shore" characterizes the rally as a peaceful event, which is the opposite of what I see really happening. Caravaners have screamed anti-gay insults and yelled at people they perceive as immigrants to go home. They have used bullhorns to yell into cars that they stopped. They fly threatening flags and have used obscenity on their trucks. They also cover their license plates, which is unlawful. A Sag Harbor ambulance, which was paid for by taxpayers, was in one rally. They clog up traffic for miles. I do not feel police are protecting all citizens.

Judi Gardner,


Saturday morning was a bright, beautiful fall day. Then from the west came sounds of sirens and honking cars.

I expected to find fire engines or police cars, but then a caravan of mostly pickup trucks with Trump flags appeared, all honking horns and at least a dozen with sirens blaring. The traffic laws regarding unwarranted use of horns and sirens exist as a matter of public safety.

Wholesale violation of the law requires enforcement, and enforcing the law is not a political statement. Not enforcing the law just may be.

Robert Maloney,

Lake Grove

I can’t help but perceive these "Trump caravans" as nothing more than a bully pulpit, loudly disrupting the villages of Long Island.

The people mount oversized American flags on their trucks and cars as if this makes them patriotic. I also see their covering of license plates as a menacing statement.

To me, if they were truly patriotic, they would desire unity, not divisiveness.

Diane McGuire,


Don’t blame Trump for Suffolk woes

Two years ago, Suffolk County Comptroller John Kennedy and county Legis. Rob Trotta (R-Fort Salonga) warned county residents of the financial tsunami coming during the 2018 elections — before the pandemic.

However, the unions and citizens did not heed the warning and voted Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone back in. Bellone just kept kicking the can down the road. Now, Newsday’s editorial board blames President Donald Trump and the Republican-led Senate for the fiscal fiasco ["Fiscal fiasco on the horizon for Long Island," Editorial, Oct. 13].

To me, the board, which in the past endorsed Bellone and now has endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, is blind to the car parades and boat flotillas for Trump.

Kathleen Moir,