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Classic photo is a reminder of sacrifice

Credit: Newsday

In Newsday’s Classic Edition from Oct. 27, 2000, which was delivered to homes Oct. 18, the Subway Series was featured and page 27 of the World Series section displayed a photo by Ari Mintz showing four friars from the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, by Penn Station, rooting for their favorite New York baseball team.

The photo includes Father Mychal Judge, who gave his life less than one year later ministering to the fallen at the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. It is a reminder of the sacrifices of many as we look ahead to the 20th anniversary next September.

Glenn Tyranski,


Kids’ experience can improve country

I believe there is something sick about this country. I know that is hard for an American to admit.

I found this out when I was a kid back in the early 1950s. I had volunteered for the Army and, on my way to training camp in Georgia, we made a pit stop in Augusta. Coming from New York, I had never confronted racism where water fountains and restrooms were segregated for whites and Blacks.

While this was normal for the South, I’m happy to say that once you got to the Army base, it was another world. President Harry S. Truman’s integration of the military meant everybody was treated the same. I never experienced racism while I was in the service and made friends with men from all over the country regardless of race or religion. To this day, as an 88-year-old white person, I’m proud of my service and the experience, which I think made me a better person and citizen.

Sometimes, like medicine, it’s hard for some to swallow, but it does make one better. I hope our kids, through education, will learn the same and make us a better people and country.

Bruce Ericsson,