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All 50 states must reform voting laws

Voters line up to cast their vote during

Voters line up to cast their vote during early voting at the Stony Brook University Campus in Southampton on Oct. 25. Credit: Randee Daddona

All 50 states must reform voting laws

We need uniform voting laws in each of the 50 states so this situation we are in never happens again. We need mail-in ballots to be valid on a single date, not different dates depending on the state. We can’t have ballots valid in one state postmarked by Election Day, and in another state have them valid only if they arrive by Election Day. It makes for problems, as we have seen in this election, where results are challenged because we have so many different rules. We also need to make the voting laws more uniform — down to the basic opening and closing times for polling places. Hopefully, within the next four years, our legislators will see to it that this is done, and that this nonsense never permeates a presidential election again. Further, I suggest we make the laws more stringent about who can use mail-in ballots. To me, Election Day was devalued this year. Let’s make it a national holiday, so there are no excuses for not voting.

Larry Lapka, Massapequa Park

Trump peddles fake election fraud

If we listen to President Donald Trump’s apparently baseless attacks on the presidential election, the voters are asked to believe that fraud occurred only in states won by former Vice President Joe Biden but not in states won by Trump, in which the election results are all honest and aboveboard.

Thomas Smith, Riverhead

Zeldin now has duty to perform

I didn’t vote for Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley). I have never voted for him. But he has now been duly elected as my representative to Congress. I accept that. Now, I expect him to do his duty to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. I expect him to speak up swiftly and clearly to defend our system of one person, one vote that is the bedrock of our democracy, a system under attack by President Donald Trump. Since Election Day, Trump has publicly demeaned and undermined our voting system, using false and misleading claims. How will Zeldin respond? I am listening.

Elizabeth Schwartz, Mount Sinai

Paper should cater to conservatives, too

Please get Newsday’s editorial board to understand what is in Long Islanders’ heads. I say Long Island is not largely Democratic. Stop catering to Democrats and get some other conservative writers. Look at the local election results. Please act as if there are other views besides liberal ones. Quite frankly, I believe many of us are tired of reading editorials written by apparent liberals.

Bill Mahoney, Levittown

Kudos to schools superintendent

Regarding Michael Cohen’s op-ed, "District can uphold values it proclaims" [Opinion, Oct. 26], it appears he may have forgotten that a superintendent reports directly to a board of education, which is responsible for setting district policy, and that the superintendent is charged with administering policies. Such policies include those governing student attendance and residency requirements. As a member of the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District Board of Education for 25 years, including the 2019-20 school year, I worked with Laura Seinfeld, who has served the district for more than 12 years including this one, her eighth year as schools superintendent. I have found her to always be focused on excellence for all students and believing strongly in equity, respect and kindness. I have seen that she has built a strong leadership team and clearly articulates her vision and goals.

Robin Dando, Oyster Bay

Editor’s note: The writer is a former trustee and president of the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District Board of Education.

A new cartoonist is not what’s needed

Just because Matt Davies draws what some people don’t like, doesn’t make his cartoons one-sided ["Get a cartoonist for the right," Letters, Oct. 27]. Davies doesn’t invent anything; everything he draws is based on President Donald Trump’s rantings on camera and social media. Davies doesn’t have to slant anything to produce a cartoon; Trump provides more than enough material.

Hugh Megaro, Ronkonkoma

Free speech must not be suppressed

Your editorial "The threat of QAnon delusion" [Oct. 25], to me, was a most blatant example of attempting to crush free speech. The theories that this group espouses may be preposterous, but I believe your suggestion that they are dangerous is a transparent attempt to quash its sacred First Amendment rights. I believe we must not encourage or permit media or social media outlets to decide which opinions to censor, absent clearly violent intent.

Kevin Lowry, Oceanside