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Capt. Kangaroo merits a statue, too

A computer rendering of a proposed statue of

A computer rendering of a proposed statue of comedian Rodney Dangerfield in the Village of Babylon. Credit: Dave Irwin

Dave Irwin’s wish to have a Rodney Dangerfield statue placed in the Village of Babylon’s Argyle Park is a good idea to me ["Why he’s on a mission for respect," Flash!, Nov. 17]. It would be great to have his statue stand in his birth town. I believe that a statue also should be erected for another famous local entertainer. Bob Keeshan, TV’s "Captain Kangaroo," was not born in Babylon but was a resident of the village for several years and is buried there. He was a great role model and teacher for many of us growing up in the ’60s. Like Dangerfield, Keeshan is also deserving of respect.

Laura Hoye,

Lake Grove

Showing up teams merits big penalty

These days, I find solace and escape in watching professional sports, particularly at this time of year the NFL. I would like to know, though, when did this ridiculous celebratory behavior of NFL players become acceptable? Players gathering in the end zone, mugging for the camera and acting so silly? The "touchdown dance" was one thing, but what we’re seeing now I find unacceptable. I’ve adapted to the changes in football over the years, but this? Showing up the other team? I say it’s unsportsmanlike conduct and deserves a penalty of 25 yards.

Paul Holtzman,


Building a base seems harmless

I have wondered my entire life how Adolf Hitler got control of Germany since not all Germans were Nazis and Germany’s greatest general, Erwin Rommel, was one of the officers who tried to assassinate Hitler. President Donald Trump has made the answer clear. Start stirring people up with deliberately incendiary lies and watch what happens. Cathy Young’s column makes the point that comparing Trump to Hitler is minimizing the suffering of the Jews ["Playing Nazi card weakens any hand," Opinion, Nov. 17]. I see her point. What she does not see is that it took Hitler several years to build his base. Trump is still at the beginning. No one knows whether this will start a civil war or who will get hurt. It seems harmless at the beginning but not at the end.

Lois Topping,

Glen Cove

Remarks about the Trump administration and possible echoes of Kristallnacht are not so off-base. It took more than a few years of relentless searching for a foil in order to satisfy the Germans’ need to blame someone for their defeat in World War I, and the inflation and unemployment that followed. The current administration might not be the fascist killers of that time, but another four years of hatred and division would not bode well for our country.

Joan Nelson,


Streets are no place for slogans

A public street, to me, is no place for slogans. It doesn’t matter what it is, right, wrong or otherwise. The streets are paid for with taxpayer dollars and, having resided in Shoreham, there will always be people who do not agree with the slogan.

Michael Genzale,

Boynton Beach

Killing doe creates sad situation

I felt like I was reading "Bambi" while reading the article about the deer hunt in Head of the Harbor ["Researcher: Hunters killed tagged deer," News, Nov. 17]. For a hunter to knowingly kill does "with full milk sacs" and two fawns alongside each of them was so upsetting. I’m afraid those fawns will be dead on the side of the road soon enough without their moms around to protect them. There has to be a better way.

Laura Smith,


Don’t make me wait to see my vote

I voted by mail in September as soon as I received my mail-in ballot. Now I learn that only recently did they start to count my vote ["Nassau begins count of 150G absentee ballots, Suffolk set to start Monday," News, Nov. 13]. Albany should change the law to start counting mail-in ballots before or on Election Day. I’d like to be part of the results announced right after Election Day.

Ralph Bukofzer,

Massapequa Park

After reading Newsday’s articles about the close elections for Congress and the State Legislature on Long Island, I suggest New York State follow the lead of Philadelphia and mandate that boards of elections livestream vote counting ["NY Dems come up short so far in seat flips," News, Nov. 13]. So many elections in this state are close — this year and in previous elections. Some voters don’t have confidence in the integrity of our election system. If voters could watch the counting on their own device, I believe they would feel better about our democracy, would have a better understanding of how votes are counted and would be more likely to accept results if their candidate lost. Transparency in a democracy is important.

Paul Feiner,


Editor’s note: The writer is town supervisor of Greenburgh, N.Y.