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Good Morning

Young people facing high home prices

Prospective buyers wait to view a house for

Prospective buyers wait to view a house for sale on Berkley Road in Mineola on Jan. 10. Credit: Jeff Bachner

Why are Long Island residents so afraid of apartment housing complexes? How many of us can say when we were first married that we bought a home right away? Where are young people today supposed to get affordable apartments ["Bidding wars boost home prices on LI," News, Jan. 28]? What about people who can’t afford a house — aren’t they allowed to live on Long Island? It seems there is no problem building housing for senior citizens costing at least $250,000. Are we trying to only have older people with money living here? Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino mailed a newsletter stating that the Sunrise Mall site will not be rezoned for residential living. I say we don’t need another mall or park. No wonder so many young Long Islanders move away when they graduate college. They don’t want to live with their parents until they turn 30 or 40.

Joe DiBenedetto, Massapequa

McCarthy should take action in House

Although I do not agree with the politics of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, I respect all views. I do take offense when any elected official lies and pushes violence. I view Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) as a disgrace ["McConnell decries ‘loony lies,’ " News, Feb. 2]. Instead of sanctioning her, McCarthy placed her on the House education committee. Greene followed a surviving teenager of the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting and spewed lies that the shooting was staged and never happened. She has also threatened violence against elected U.S. officials. Has McCarthy lost all sense of decency? I believe he will eventually answer to a higher power, but now he must answer to the American people. He should have some honor, stop the dangerous, violent rhetoric and future possible violence.

Barbara Lattanzio, Hampton Bays

Stopping pipeline, fracking bad ideas

A promise by President Joe Biden could be already coming true. By the end of summer, I say we will probably have one of the world’s lowest carbon footprints. Thanks to putting a stop to the Keystone XL pipeline and signing an executive order banning fracking, in my view, few will be able to afford the price of gas in the very near future, so, yes, our carbon footprint will become the lowest in the world. I guess all those who will be laid off because of stopping the pipeline are already going to school to train for those wonderful, new energy jobs. I say Biden needs to wake up to reality. Clean energy cannot be produced overnight. It takes years of hard work, not a mere executive order.

Edward Tardibuono, Levittown

Thanks to VA for giving vaccine shots

Recently, the Northport VA Medical Center called me, asking whether I wanted to make an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccination three days later ["VA hospital to begin giving out shots to veterans," News, Jan. 21]. I was told that my age group had become eligible. I want to salute everyone involved in setting this up and all the VA police, medical workers and others who had this operation working like a fine-tuned clock. Most of us had our wives with us, and the staff was just as accommodating to them. Those of us who used canes were allowed to park in front of the building. Supervisors should be proud of the great job by the staff.

Bob Southard, South Setauket

Let’s be patient about getting vaccine

I keep reading and hearing so many people are angry and outraged about how slowly vaccinations are being distributed and spending hours online trying to get an appointment ["Lots of frustration over vaccine rollout," Letters, Jan. 24]. Why is there such a panic? I’m 71 and will wait until the vaccine becomes more available, which I’m sure will happen in the weeks and months ahead. Every expert said from the beginning that it would be months before most of us receive it. The rolling out of this vaccine to millions and millions of people across the country and the world is a monumental undertaking, and there are bound to be delays, mistakes and misguided decisions made by officials. So just keep wearing masks and social distancing until the vaccine becomes more readily available. In other words, patience, patience, patience.

Jeanne Jorgensen, Merrick

Kudos to Jones Beach vaccination setup

After reading readers’ complaints about problems getting the COVID-19 vaccine, I have to respond ["Lots of frustration over vaccine rollout," Letters, Jan. 24]. Recently, my daughter and I, both teachers, were lucky enough to get two vaccination slots (thanks to the heads-up advice from the Roslyn school district). We were impressed by the site’s organization — everything was done to perfection. Everyone had an appointment so there was no traffic, no waiting and no confusion. It was extremely well-staffed with helpful, friendly people to guide us through the tents and process so we felt less anxious. They even supplied us with cards for our next vaccination appointment. They are all true heroes.

Loree Tand, Merrick