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Good Morning

This time, Sen. Cruz seeks a federal bailout

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) speaks with reporters on

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) speaks with reporters on Capitol Hill on Feb. 11. Credit: The Washington Post/Jabin Botsford

Here’s what I view as the height of hypocrisy. The MAGA champion from Texas, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, is calling on the federal government for aid to help Texas recover from the millions of power outages caused by the deep freeze and snow ["Deep freeze felt nationwide," News, Feb. 17]. What a short memory he has. Back in 2012, when superstorm Sandy devastated the New York and New Jersey area, he was the leading voice against the federal government helping our area recover. He said too much "pork" was in the bill. Well, the tables have turned on Cruz. Now he is calling on the federal government to bail out Texas. While no one wants to see any Americans suffer, isn’t it the ultimate irony that Cruz is now seeking a bailout?

Henry Beyer,


Mental health group excluded from plan

I was shocked and dismayed to read that Nassau County Executive Laura Curran submitted her mandated police reform proposals while interested parties were not involved in the planning ["Curran submits plan for policing reform in Nassau," News, Feb. 17]. I’ve written several requests to Curran and county Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder requesting the National Alliance on Mental Illness be present at meetings. The commissioner’s office responded there would be public meetings, but I have never seen an official invitation, and Curran’s office has not responded. We could have offered ideas about police response to mental crises and criminal justice. Yet, despite our representing thousands of people in Nassau, we were ignored. So much for open, transparent and informed planning.

David J. Sills,


Editor’s note: The writer is president of the Queens/Nassau chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Lake Success.

Police reforms work when all parties work together. Besides changing how police interact with communities, we need to educate our communities to interact with the police. Simple things, like when one is pulled over and asked for information (license, registration, insurance card). If you disagree, you can fight it in court, not on the street. This is why both the police and community interaction is vital for reforms to work. Guidelines can show communities (schools, churches, clubs, etc.) the best way to interact with police. I read how Nassau County Executive Laura Curran submitted her plan on police reform to the legislature, but as I read further, I saw the "The People’s Plan" — what exactly is that? Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo never asked civil rights attorney Frederick Brewington and the NAACP to formulate police reforms. County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder has a community council, and if Brewington took a moment, he would see this group works well together.

Larry Lombardo,


Critical of coverage of Limbaugh’s death

I do not believe a more negative, one-sided obituary has been written than the one on Rush Limbaugh. It was almost all negative, with one unflattering comment from the left and none from the right. Where was the praise from former president Ronald Reagan? Limbaugh was the most recognized powerful media voice for people on the right. In our present political climate, conservative voices are dismissed. Again, the media bias is evident.

Geraldine Proferes,

Mount Sinai

Has the writer of the Rush Limbaugh obituary never heard the expression "Don’t speak ill of the dead"? To me, it speaks poorly of Newsday.

Gracie Rugile,

Rocky Point

Of all the comments on the opinion pages that I’ve read recently, I found Ian Reifowitz’s among the most despicable. To agree or not with a different point of view is one thing, but his view about a man who spoke to and for millions of Americans, just hours after his passing, is beyond contemptible. I shudder to think of the views the professor feeds to his students every day. I say shame on Newsday’s editorial board, as well, for printing such an op-ed.

Mort Grossman,


Thanks for putting Rush Limbaugh’s death on the cover as well as providing a nice obituary.

Tommy Gregoretti,