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Just Sayin': Concern for U.S. forces back in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia's Khobar Towers smolders after it was

Saudi Arabia's Khobar Towers smolders after it was bombed by anti-U.S. factions in 1996. Eighteen U.S. Air Force personnel, including Capt. Christopher Adams of Long Island, were among those killed. Credit: AP/Saleh Rifai

A baseball field at Brady Park in Massapequa Park is named in memory of Air Force Capt. Christopher Adams, who died along with 17 other Air Force personnel in the car bombing of a housing complex in Khobar, Saudi Arabia, in 1996. An Iranian-backed Saudi militant group was thought to be responsible. They viewed our fine young men as infidel invaders in their sacred land of Saudi Arabia.

Now, the Trump administration says it is sending 500 American troops to Saudi Arabia, as well as fighter aircraft and defense missiles. The reason is potential threats to Saudis from Iran.

Will we ever learn our lesson?

U.S. troops will never be fully welcome in the kingdom. We send them at the risk of another catastrophe.

Jack Bilello,

  Massapequa Park

Why not just use stand-alone signs?

Recently, while driving at Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream, I was directed to go around the back of a building due to some minor construction. While doing so, I passed two workers who held up signs directing traffic to turn left when I couldn’t go any other way, and then to go straight.

In recent months on Merrick Road, there has been construction. There is almost always a person holding a sign that says slow down, or left lane closed or something just as obvious. Seems to me that a stand-alone sign would do the same thing. And we wonder why construction costs are so high.

Rich Levens,


Piqued about daily stoppage of traffic

Each day around 3:45 p.m., police close traffic on both sides of Mineola Road in Roslyn so buses from two summer camps can exit. The buses are followed by the cars of staff and by pedestrians crossing the road. Traffic piles up for miles, and some drivers make illegal U-turns to go to other roads.

This is inconsiderate and unfair. What about the inconvenience to others? Each day, this preferential treatment causes me to be late picking up my kids at another camp; I risk being charged an extra fee. And I believe police services can be better utilized elsewhere.

Tarveen Kaur,