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Good Morning

Running can help lift a person's spirit

A man running on a trail.

A man running on a trail.  Credit: istock

The World Health Organization says that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and a major contributor to the overall burden of disease. What’s more alarming is that the WHO says that on average, just 3% of government health budgets are invested in addressing mental health.

As a longtime runner, I believe that running may provide a solution for some people. The books “Running as Therapy” (1984) and “Running Is My Therapy” (2018) discuss extensive work by psychologists, psychiatrists and experts in physical education. I think many runners will concur that the activity helps boost their moods and that the solitude of running can provide time to think through personal and work issues.

We have many running clubs on Long Island that have great events, knowledgeable coaches and camaraderie that can be supportive to those with depression.

Bill McDermott,  Long Beach  

Why is selfish behavior tolerated on the LIRR?

On the 5:53 p.m. train from Penn Station to Ronkonkoma on Oct. 30, it was standing room only. But wait, what’s that guy doing?

A passenger took up three seats on the east end of the car. He put his fold-up bicycle in the vestibule of the south side, partially blocking the doors. His sneakers were on the floor, his socks were off and his backpack was on the aisle seat. He put his bare feet on the wall and was lying across all three seats.

The conductor said nothing and did nothing to correct the situation. Nearby passengers did nothing and said nothing.

I can only assume that the LIRR is now introducing lounging sections regardless of how bad someone’s feet smell!

What’s next, sex on the train! Oh, that’s old news.

John Messina, Farmingdale

Low manhole covers are dangerous

The repaving of Woodbury Road and Froehlich Farm Boulevard in Woodbury was quite an accomplishment, except that many manhole covers are far below the road grade and amount to man-made potholes. A driver needs to zigzag to avoid them or risk damage to tires or vehicle alignment. It would be appreciated if someone expressed interest in the quality of the workmanship on these roads.

Thomas Keber, Hicksville