Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Libraries are key community resources

Guests visit Lindenhurst Library on June 7, 2017.

Guests visit Lindenhurst Library on June 7, 2017. Credit: Johnny Milano

Libraries are key community resources

As Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo prepares the state budget for the coming year, we ask that he provide ample funding for the libraries of our great state.

Our libraries are more community focused than ever. Some people mistake them for lesser-used warehouses for books. Not at all!

Within our libraries, babies and young children become literate through programs with their caretakers while forging lifelong friendships.

Libraries are safe havens where teens can socialize with peers and take advantage of many resources to complete school assignments and continue journeys of lifetime education.

Librarians offer one-on-one help with basic and emerging technologies, and everything in between. Staff members help people of all ages in countless ways, including bringing communities together through sharing space and encouraging educational enrichment through reading.

An investment in libraries is an investment in literacy, which is the currency for success.

Jane Deitz,


Editor’s note: The writer is board president of the Lindenhurst Memorial Library.

A stranger jumped in with her credit card

At a CVS in Oceanside on Monday, my bill for medications and toiletries came to $192. I put my credit card in the reader, but the payment wouldn’t go through. I tried two or three times.

The line grew, and my face must have been red. As I looked for my debit card, a young woman put her card in the reader and said, ”I got this.”

“It’s $192,” the clerk said.

“It doesn’t matter how much it is,” the woman said. “It’s a Christmas gift.”

I immediately took her card out, and my debit card did work.

I quickly thanked her, but had to sit down to get a grip on what had just happened.

I composed myself (not really) and then hugged the woman for her overwhelming kindness. Everyone on the line smiled at her heartfelt act.

Thank you to this young lady from the bottom of my heart. May you and your family celebrate a wonderful holiday.

Vivian Doles,