Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Can we get real Northern State Pkwy. improvements?

A sign on the Northern State Parkway alerts

A sign on the Northern State Parkway alerts of an upcoming weather event a year ago this month. Credit: Newsday /Howard Simmons

Motorists heading east on the Northern State Parkway understand that the “improvement” to the on-and-off process at Exit 42 is a failed engineering project.

As a frequent motorist traveling this strip of road, I can attest that this work needs to be revisited and changed to a avoid horrific accident. The cars entering the Northern State at this exit must face the awkward challenge of merging directly into the motorists trying to exit.

Someone needs to fix this problem immediately.

Jeryl Griesing,

East Northport

Ending those unwanted phone calls

To the writer of “Unsolicited calls still an annoying problem,” [Just Sayin,’ Jan. 4], here are my solutions for unwanted calls:

1. This is what I did on my cell phone. I don’t answer the phone unless I recognize who is calling. The calls go to voice mail and my message says, “I did not recognize your name or number. If you truly wish to speak to me, please leave the reason for your call, your name, and your phone number.”

2. For my landline, I purchased a phone with call-blocking technology. I imagine the cold callers will find a workaround, and then I will use my cell phone method to avoid their calls.

3. For several weeks, I received up to four calls a day from a company trying to sell me a service plan. This was before I purchased my call-blocking phone. I have a small pocket-sized recorder. I went to YouTube and found an old recording that said in a very authentic phone company voice, “The number you have reached is no longer in service . . .,” and recorded the message. Whenever my caller ID showed the company that kept calling me, I picked up the phone and played the recording. The calls stopped in two days.

Mitchell Zyman,


In spirit of the holidays

While exiting the ShopRite on Old Country Road in Plainview about 6:30 a.m. Christmas Eve, a customer in front of me stopped and picked up a $100 bill from the floor. He handed it to a nearby store associate who told him she would look at the store video and return it to its owner.

Now that is what the holiday spirit is all about.

Arthur F. Koestner,