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Good Evening

A responsibility to raise the bar

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Education is always cited as the solution to effectuate change in society. So what has happened to the lessons once taught that made our standards higher than they are today? Why have expectations eroded to such a degree that morality, courtesy, mutual respect and responsibility for the common good have all but disappeared?

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “I am my brother’s keeper” were basic adages that, if followed by all, were a prescription for a kinder, more honorable society than we find ourselves in today. Not difficult concepts. Yet we have replaced a focus on the common good with one of single sightedness.

Losing sight of basic thresholds of behavior will not improve the future. We must expect the best of ourselves. People in positions of legal and moral authority must care about honor and the common good. We must raise the bar before the “new normal” leads to our destruction.

Pamela Block,

West Sayville


So much garbage on Island byways

Like most East End commuters who travel to New York City, I left home well before dawn and arrived home after sunset. As a recent retiree, I have been out and about the Island and have observed a disturbing trend.

Yes, there might be fewer plastic bags floating around our neighborhoods, but I have never been so disgusted and upset about the amount of trash lining our main and tertiary roads. Most of this trash is in wooded areas along these roads. The trash includes bags of garbage, furniture, and old televisions, but most of it is fast-food packaging. What’s more disturbing is the amount of beer cans and other alcoholic beverages.

The only conclusion is that aside from not caring about the appearance of the place we all live, you’re distracted if you’re eating, drinking and driving, and you’re a danger to yourself and others.

Samuel M.Siegel,


It’s a dog’s world in Oyster Bay

The Town of Oyster Bay passed a law converting town parks into dog-friendly spaces. My dog has greatly appreciated the opportunity to run around in these parks. After visiting one several times, I still haven’t seen dog-related damage. I believe this law is a good thing.

Scott Friske,