Good Morning
Good Morning

Two different sets of 'We Generations'

This is the scene along a section of

This is the scene along a section of Omaha Beach in June 1944, during Operation Overlord, the code name for the Allied invasion at the Normandy coast in France during World War II.  Credit: ASSOCIATED PRESS

World War II was fought by a generation of intrepid Americans known as the Greatest Generation. They can also be known as the “We Generation,” as in we are all in this together; as in we honor our country, our flag and our democracy; as in we will fight and die to preserve our freedom and that of oppressed people the world over; and more than 400,000 died so others could live in peace.

The current generation also can be called the “We Generation,” but the narrative is significantly disparate, as in we demand free health care; as in we demand free tuition; as in we want what hard-working people have whether we work for it or not; as in we want to end capitalism, religion and the family unit; as in we will destroy this country if we don’t get what we demand. Those who remain silent to what I see as not-so-idle threats will be complicit in the demise of a once-great nation and will lead us down the road to perdition.

Lou Raio, East Northport

We all have much to be grateful for

While taking my daily stroll or riding my bike, I say “good morning” to everyone I see. These are the reactions I have observed over time, and I feel it is a reflection on our everyday lives: one-third respond with “good morning”; one-third are locked in on social media, unaware and do not respond, and one-third do not respond, possibly because they do not think it is a “good morning.” I feel this is a sign of the times, in which one-third express gratitude, one-third are absorbed in their own issues and one-third are irritated at the state of things or feel personally aggrieved. Accordingly, at any given time, we are bound to be out of sync with at least 50% of our fellow Americans. Even in this truly challenging period, we all have much to be grateful for ... I just wish it were reflected more in the everyday lives I observe.

Rory Sadoff, Massapequa