Good Morning
Good Morning

Listen to the other side while you can

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How can things get better when many in the media won’t allow it? How can a person watch one cable news channel, turn the channel and get totally different news? To me, the reason is: Reporting news objectively is not the top priority. Keeping your audience is, and this translates into advertising dollars. Therefore, any news reported must please the audience.

Guess what? People on the right aren’t always wrong, and people on the left aren’t always wrong, but you’ll never hear the other side from many in today’s news media. To me, cable news doesn’t broadcast both sides of an issue without bias.

Before cable, we had three major networks reporting news, and they had to cater to all and show little opinion for fear they might alienate some viewers. Not so today. As long as we have cable news, everyone watching believes their opinion is correct because they’ll never hear the other side. Listen to the other side.

Intelligent compromise is dying — let’s get it back before it’s too late.

Eugene Renda,


It is time that we all prayed together

Our country is looking for answers to the problems we are suffering and struggling with.

We try to solve them by laws and force. Our America is so divided with hate and anger now. I am 91, and I believe this is the time to turn to God for His wisdom as we have failed to change the current condition. We need God’s love in every person. I believe love is the answer to all of our problems.

In the Bible, it says love is the answer to solving any situation. Love is forgiveness, healing, peace, sharing, wisdom, joy and kindness.

Let us pray together for God’s gift of love.

Joseph Portelli,