Good Evening
Good Evening

Expression crosses many barriers

This sign on a fence at Carle Place

This sign on a fence at Carle Place High School has been up for a few months Credit: Paul Mila

I was driving through my community the other day and passed a sign on a fence at Rushmore Avenue School in Carle Place that I’ve seen the past couple of months. After all the recent strife and divisiveness, the simple sentiment expressed in the sign struck a chord, so I stopped and took the photo. All credit goes to our wonderful Rushmore principal Cathy Siletti. I think the Carle Place students got it right: Instead of getting hung up on which lives matter, treating each other with kindness would go a long way toward resolving many of our differences.

Paul Mila,

Carle Place

A symptom, not a cause of evil

We do not have Black and white courthouses, attorneys or judges assigned exclusively by race. What I believe we do have is something that has been around far longer than race discrimination: the haves and the have-nots. The affluent of every race among us have always had access to the best legal defense teams, medical care, educational systems, housing and all that wealth provides. The poor of every race suffer and do without, even though their numbers are not equally distributed by race. I see something else afoot: the belief that one race is superior to another, which is absolutely false. Races are unique, with each containing the same rights and potential. Until we can approach racism as a symptom of evil rather than a cause, the problem will remain unsolved.

Ed Weinert,


Fear of virus can be beneficial

Fear can be a tricky emotion, but it serves a purpose. Fear acts as an internal danger alarm. Right now, due to COVID-19, fear should not be thwarted but seen as a useful emotion: It tells us to be aware of our surroundings and to take care. It serves an important role in keeping us safe as it mobilizes us to cope with potential danger. Fear should not be used as a weapon but rather as a call to action — to propel ourselves to do everything we need to do to keep ourselves and our communities safe from this coronavirus.

Patti Cathers,