Good Evening
Good Evening

An hour we don't need this year

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/CatLane

To the powers that be, please make a law that disallows the clocks to be turned back an hour on Nov. 1. I think it would be prudent not to want to experience an extra hour in 2020.

Peter Scott,


Assign beach areas for music, smoking

I go to Jones and Robert Moses beaches to de-stress and relax, as so many of us do in the summer. The sounds of the ocean waves crashing and feeling the warmth of the gentle, warm breezes are soothing. For many summers on Long Island, it’s been hard for me to completely enjoy our beaches as more beachgoers brazenly play music loudly the entire time they are there. I see no consideration given to those around them, and if one dare says something, you are met with hostility. Recently, I’ve seen huge speakers brought onto the beach many times. People also continue to smoke cigarettes and cigars with no consideration for others; as a cancer survivor, I find this particularly upsetting. Here’s a simple solution: Beach areas should be assigned for radios and smoking and others for none of that. I believe those of us who want sound-and smoke-free beaches have our rights. We deserve beaches where we can enjoy the beauty and nature that Long Island has to offer — peacefully.

Camille Santoro,


More homework stresses everyone

As schools give students more homework every day, stress and pressure are the most common feelings that not only students but also teachers experience. I believe schools need to think about how much homework students get nightly. The only exception to everyday homework should be when standardized tests such as advanced placement and Regents exams are given. I say that all other homework should be eliminated then. Otherwise, I believe students will be overworked.

Elliott Wittert,