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Good Morning

Drivers should signal when making turns

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Marco Rosario Venturini Autieri

For the past year or so, I’ve noted an increasing number of drivers not signaling when changing lanes and/or making turns. But recently, the issue became more obvious to me. While driving behind a Suffolk County Police SUV in Bay Shore, the vehicle came to a full stop at a stop sign and proceeded to make a right-hand turn. Much to my surprise, no directional flasher was used. I rationalized that the right-hand signal flasher bulb was burned out and the officer was unaware of this. After traveling a short distance further, the police vehicle slowed down, but this time made a left-hand turn onto a side street. Once again, no signal. Are people just too preoccupied and/or busy with cellphones to simply turn on a directional signal to alert surrounding drivers that they are about to make a turn? Electronic signaling or hand signaling is mandatory and required by law — for all drivers. It’s for our safety and doesn’t cost a dime.

Nancy Rooney,

Bay Shore

Masks need to cover both nose and mouth

More and more, I see people wearing masks below their nose and only covering their mouths. Don’t they realize that not covering their noses is almost as bad as not wearing a mask? I believe that supermarkets, big-box stores and businesses in general are all guilty, and some of their management seems to look the other way, presuming they are not violating this safety precaution themselves. Newsday has often shown pictures of people doing this without commenting about it, which I also believe seems to condone this unsafe behavior.

Stephen Casey,


Some things don’t change over time

Walt Kelly’s nationally syndicated comic strip, "Pogo," ran for 26 years until 1975. It featured a possum and his friends observing everyday life and how it related to Pogo and, more important, to everyone and the world we are temporarily in charge of. I am sure if Pogo were around and saw the arrogance we humans show toward each other with millions refusing to abide with common sense against the behemoth reemergence of COVID-19, I can only repeat his constant refrain: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

David Lean,

Franklin Square