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Good Morning

To preserve thousands of lives, wear a mask

Credit: Getty Images/KrizzDaPaul

Imagine if, every day, five airplanes carrying 200 people each crashed into the ocean and everyone died by drowning. That is 1,000 people dying a day. All Americans would be outraged and demand better safety. Now imagine every day, hundreds of those people could have been saved if they just put on a life jacket. Isn’t this pandemic similar? About a thousand people die every day from COVID-19, and the number has been rising. In the plane scenario, wouldn’t everyone want to put on a life jacket? With the pandemic, we could be saving hundreds of thousands annually just by wearing a mask. I believe most people who object to wearing masks supported President Donald Trump. Aren’t these the same people who are against abortions? If a person is anti-abortion and could reduce the number of abortions by hundreds of thousands, wouldn’t that person be willing to wear a mask? If one believes in saving the unborn, isn’t it equally important to save the living? Let’s all wear masks and save lives.

Michael McBride,


Misbehavior: World hasn’t changed much

At 66, I see the world through a different lens than when I was in grammar school. While in school, someone always misbehaved in class, and the entire class had to stay for detention after school. No big deal, we got to do our homework while sitting in a smelly cafeteria. The end was in sight, and off we went when the time was up. Guess what: The world has not changed much. Those misbehaving children have grown up, and because of their reckless behavior — not wearing masks, not social distancing, having large gatherings — we all are suffering from a new form of "detention." With the number of COVID-19 cases rising, I see no end in sight to our detention. This form of detention, though, is a big deal. At 66, I feel as if I’m writing the last chapters of my book of life, and sadly the chapter for 2020 is about what happens when people don’t believe in science and facts. The chapter on 2021 doesn’t look too promising to me, either. Stay safe out there. Wear a mask.

Sofia Illig,