Good Evening
Good Evening

A convoy of donated Thanksgiving food

Cars line up for a Thanksgiving food distribution

Cars line up for a Thanksgiving food distribution event hosted by Nassau County and Island Harvest Food Bank outside the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale on Monday. Credit: Barry Sloan

I volunteer for Island Harvest and, most times, I am given several stops to pick up donated food to bring back to the warehouse in Hauppauge. Instead, on Nov. 15, I got to drive for Island Harvest in a turkey convoy. There were big rigs, fire engines, tow trucks, old Cadillacs and many other vehicles. All were filled with turkeys and assorted food items donated for Thanksgiving. We started at Exit 48 on the Long Island Expressway and finished at the Motor Parkway warehouse. With the help of Suffolk County Police Department motorcycle riders, we were escorted along the LIE, which was closed to traffic, for a safe ride. Thank you to the organizers, county police officers, many volunteers, truckers and all those who showed up in their cars filled with turkeys and food donated to Island Harvest for those in need on Thanksgiving.

Billy Rizzi,

South Hempstead

Funded caterers could feed those in need

I understand that catering halls can’t function in this environment. However, I think they can serve a purpose. We have plenty of families that are hungry. Or they work too many hours to be able to feed their families, and they need help. Why can’t the catering halls prepare food for them? Have it subsidized by the government. It would support the caterers, the cooks and the delivery services. It would feed many people.

Randy Perlmutter,


A mask could help us celebrate next year

I refrain from social media and opining to my friends, family and colleagues on controversial topics for various reasons. However, this topic is too important to ignore. I have heard all the arguments. But I believe personal rights and freedoms end when your rights and freedoms infringe upon the rights and freedoms of others, endangering people who have the misfortune of sharing your proximity at the wrong time. This is true whether your perceived protections are constitutional or otherwise. Please wear a mask when you are in a public space. Masks are not political. If you do not care about others not in your immediate circle, at least consider yourself and those close to you. I also personally miss seeing, hugging and kissing my children, grandchildren and other loved ones. I long to go to my favorite restaurants and want to see a movie or go to a play or concert. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s Day are going to be horrible this year, but think about how next year’s holidays would be with loved ones missing from your table. Help is coming. Be safe and be alive next year and all the years to come. Wear a mask.

Bill Casalino,


Keep express food shops hygienic

After all these months, why do express food and coffee shops still have self-service coffee counters? Who is really watching these locations where every day thousands of people touch coffee pots, milk containers, sugar packets, etc. I’ve seen only one franchise taking precautions so far.

Edward T. Frank,


This year, where is Santa Claus?

This year, many children might ask, "Where is Santa Claus?" This pandemic has caused many hardships for parents. Millions are out of work and many have been sick or died from this dreadful disease. How does a parent tell a child that Santa will not make it this year because of COVID-19? Also, many families are struggling to make ends meet and put enough food on the table. Many families are living in homeless shelters, where a child might ask, "Does Santa visit homeless shelters?" So I suggest that those who can donate toys and clothes to churches, temples, community groups and organizations that collect for needy children. These people become Santa’s helpers and let a poor child know we care. And that poor child will have a smile instead of a tear.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.,