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Good Evening

What was once torn can be sewn together

A U.S. flag nearly completely torn in half

A U.S. flag nearly completely torn in half n Manorville. Credit: Christopher Smith

Several weeks ago, strong winds across Long Island wreaked havoc with trees and structures. On my way to a local store, I recently saw a homeowner’s American flag nearly torn in half, which I assumed was the result of those winds. I took a photo to show my wife. Several days later, I thought about that torn flag. It occurred to me that, in its present state, that flag reflects the current condition of our divided country. Our prayer is that God will help us restore our nation’s great values: one nation, indivisible, under God, with liberty and justice for all.

Christopher Smith,


Store managers must enforce mask rules

Stores have signs at the entrance saying, in essence, "Masks must be worn in this store." I recently went into a national drug store chain wearing my mask. At the pain medication aisle, a woman walked next to me with no mask on. The store manager asked the woman whether he could help her, and she said, "Oh, I left my mask in the car, is this OK?" and took out a tissue and held it over her nose. The manager said, "As long as customers don’t complain, it’s all right with me." I moved away from both of them and, a few minutes later, called over the manager and nicely said, "I can’t believe what you just did ... the sign at your front door says masks must be worn in the store." He said, "What am I going to do?" Business owners and managers must enforce wearing masks and ask people to leave if they don’t wear one. It’s this kind of irresponsible behavior that helps spread the coronavirus.

Bob Wolf,

Rockville Centre

Two condo groups unite for food drive

In this time of a pandemic and political divisiveness, it is wonderful when a community comes together and helps others. A third of the 544 households of Whispering Pines and Colonial Woods condominiums contributed to each of the two food drives that my husband, Phil, and I organized. Our first one, to benefit Eastern Farm Workers, filled their pantry. Our recent one to benefit Long Island Cares filled a truck. We thank our neighbor Tom Horan for helping us pick up the donations and his son, Christopher, for helping fill the truck. We also thank the volunteers who delivered the flyers to each household. Most of all, we thank all the people who donated. For the two drives, we collected more than 400 bags and boxes of food.

Sima Paskowitz,