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Good Morning

LIRR allowing this to happen eats at me

A Long Island Rail Road train comes into

A Long Island Rail Road train comes into the Hicksville Station on Feb. 2, 2021. Credit: Howard Schnapp

We’re trying to be as safe as reasonably possible to avoid spreading COVID-19. To facilitate this, the Long Island Rail Road requires masks be worn at all times. So how does it make sense that the LIRR allows eating and drinking on trains if it is impossible to do while wearing a mask? Isn’t the LIRR about transportation?

Audie Kranz,

East Meadow

‘Patriotism’ depends on your viewpoint

"Patriotism" is a relative term. We see our founders as patriots. The British monarchy, at the time, saw them as traitors. And was South Carolina’s secession in 1860 an act of patriotism or sedition? Well, of course, these references speak to the premise that "history is written by the victors."

Daniel Arcieri,


A National Truth and Democracy rally in D.C.

I believe an important, perhaps critical, idea has been missing from coverage of the Jan. 6 insurrection that would help heal our nation and show that reasonable people will not be bullied and intimidated. It’s a call for a national rally for truth and democracy to take place on a given day in Washington, and every state capital and major city in America — in fact, everywhere across the country, similar to the forefathers’ call for joyful and noisy celebration of our freedom on the Fourth of July. Or perhaps this July 4 could be such a national demonstration in which people pour out of their homes and "shout" for democracy. We need to show these thugs and miscreants that the vast majority of our people, including those who voted for President Donald Trump, respect and protect each other regardless of personal ideological beliefs and that the greatest threat to our American way of life is the mob mayhem we witnessed on Jan. 6. A National Truth and Democracy rally would convey that strong message.

Paul Jacobs,


Donate relief check to a food bank

Some of us will be receiving a COVID-19 relief check, which, fortunately, we do not really need. In that case, why not consider donating the money to a food bank? Those folks certainly could use it.

Irma Gurman,


Ask yourself: Do we deserve or really need a stimulus payment? Will it make a difference to you? If you are being honest with yourself and answer "no" but received a stimulus check, then do some good with it and donate it to a local food pantry as we did. Trust me, it will make you feel good. Our fellow Long Islanders should not go hungry through no fault of their own.

Ron Lenneberg,