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Good Afternoon

HS sports a success during pandemic 

Deepak Edmonds #30 of Chaminade shoots a jumper

Deepak Edmonds #30 of Chaminade shoots a jumper as Sam Murad #30 of St. Mary's challenges his shot during the Nassau-Suffolk CHSAA boys basketball championship at Chaminade High School in Mineola on March 22, 2021.  Credit: James Escher

HS sports a success during pandemic

I am an assistant high school boys coach in Nassau County. Virtually all winter sports coaches never thought there would be a sports season this year. I believed that a winter season would be high risk. Protocols were put into place while nobody experienced anything like this.

The politicians OK’d play, but it would take much more than that. I congratulate the athletic directors, coaches, referees — many of whom stayed to work both junior varsity and varsity games — team trainers, supervisors, bus drivers and, most of all, the student-athletes. We’ve all been part of history and, regardless of the scores, everyone won. It was an honor to coach this season and see the happiness that just playing brought to the athletes.

I also thank Newsday reporters Gregg Sarra and Roger Rubin, who supported playing this season from the start.

Brian McEvoy, South Hempstead

Earth is drowning in plastic waste

Our congressional representatives should help pass the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act. The scourge of one-time plastic use is littering and polluting our Earth and oceans. We must stop plastic pollution at the source instead of burning, burying and exporting New York’s daily mountains of plastic trash.

Plastic is killing sea turtles, whales, sea birds, manatees and other wildlife. Plastic pollution has reached the critical stage. Recycling, to me, has been a dismal failure. The only solution is to drastically reduce plastic being produced. Our planet is drowning in one-time plastic waste.

Joseph M. Varon, West Hempstead

Editor’s note: The writer is a member of environmental groups Food and Water Watch and also Beyond Plastics.

Let’s clean up litter on our roadways

Now that our recent snows have melted, we can see debris all over Long Island’s roadways. Everyone has to pitch in. People whose yards are fenced in might want to help by going just slightly beyond their yards to pick up some of the overwhelming litter. Recently, on Pulaski Road, from Kings Park to Huntington, every block was littered with cups and bottles and cardboard boxes, etc. Long Island residents should help our highway departments clean up unsightly winter debris.

Michael DeSousa, Kings Park

Folks, is that all Biden has to say?

As a proud American concerned about this new presidential regime, I’m overly alarmed and insulted by President Joe Biden repeatedly referring to American citizens and taxpayers as "folks" in his scripted speeches. Perhaps his speechwriters should realize that, to me, this makes him seem like one of the old folks.

Paul Rocchio, Port Jefferson Station