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Zeldin fans show their support

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., on Capitol Hill in

Rep. Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., on Capitol Hill in Washington on March 10. Credit: AP/Ting Shen

Editor’s note: On Wednesday, Newsday printed a sampling of letters opposing Rep. Lee Zeldin’s gubernatorial run. All the letters received up to that point were critical. Here are responses supporting Zeldin, which we received yesterday.

Zeldin fans show support for gov run

A reader claims that Rep. Lee Zeldin’s declaring his run for governor allows for a clear choice in reelecting Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo ["Reactions to Zeldin’s run for gov," Letters, April 14].

He says it’s because Zeldin (R-Shirley) objected to certifying the 2020 presidential election (which by the way many Democrats did in prior elections) and Cuomo was only accused of improper behavior.

Hmmm, is that what we are calling all those nursing home deaths because of Cuomo’s policies? "Improper behavior"?

Kevin Harrington, Medford

I read letters critical of Rep. Lee Zeldin running for governor of New York. I agree we should support Democrats: They have given us the highest taxes in the country. New York is one of the top two states in COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people. The nursing home deaths cover-up. A tax-and-spend budget twice that of Florida while having 3 million fewer people. Major crimes rising in New York City. And keeping kids out of school while science says it causes more damage to them by keeping them out. And the bottom line: driving our family and friends out of the state.

We must reverse course, and Zeldin may be the answer.

Phil Nicholas, Port Jefferson

This is a letter of support for Rep. Lee Zeldin. Let him run and back his beliefs, and then voters can decide between him and the current governor. It’s ironic that letters of support for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo came at the expense of hating on Zeldin. I guess none of the writers lost a loved one in a nursing home (which I did not). God bless Lee Zeldin.

Jeff Gordon, Mount Sinai

It is with great dismay that I read the letters about Rep. Lee Zeldin. They showed one side of the coin. According to the left, Zeldin is not fit to be governor because of his association with former President Donald Trump. Talk about hatred! Zeldin is his own man, and whether or not he is a fan of Trump has no bearing on his qualifications.

Alicia Raplee, Ridge

To clarify Michael Gelormino’s letter, Rep. Lee Zeldin voted against the HEROES Act in 2020 which would have restored the full SALT deduction.

However, in 2017 he voted against the 2017 tax cuts that took away the SALT deduction, and he has pushed to restore the SALT deduction since the tax cuts were passed.

Robert Weiss, Smithtown

Police pay damages? First, obey the law

The letter "Officers should pay part of damages" sounds like a great idea [April 8]. Let’s not stop there.

I propose victims have the right to sue individuals who sit on a parole board when the newly paroled exacts further death and mayhem. How about victims having the right to sue mayors and governors personally when they pass foolish bail-reform policies that create a revolving door for "law abiding" individuals to go back out into society and further overwhelm a beleaguered police force. Judges also should be held personally liable to victims when they give second and third chances to recidivists who cause harm.

Finally, I would like to give victims the right to sue the parents of those individuals who commit crimes for doing a lousy job of raising their children.

Let’s try a novel approach: How about obeying the law and following a police officer’s instructions. I am so tired of listening to armchair quarterbacks reimagining policing when they have no knowledge on the matter.

Sandro Palmerini, Port Jefferson Station

DMV training that aids both drivers and cops

To get a driver’s license, perhaps a chapter should cover how to interact with the police when you are stopped.

Not following an officer’s direction and resisting arrest can lead to injury or death to the driver and/or the officer. The tragic recent events in Minneapolis and Patchogue are a prime example ["Quick action saves cop," News, April 12].

In almost every recent case, resisting arrest seems to cause serious injury or death. Everyone talks about police training.

How about driver training? Who knows, it may save a life.

Kevin McGrath, Northport

To be free, we need to educate students

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan goes beyond the brick and mortar but needs to go one step further as our education system is in decline. The brilliance and intricacies of our Constitution need to be taught and discussed to fuel and inspire intellectual, emotional, moral and philosophical thought ["Students need to be part of a democracy," Letters, April 11]. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, "A democracy cannot be both ignorant and free." Recent societal deterioration demonstrates the necessity to put civics education back in every school to perpetuate our democracy before it crumbles.

Holly Gordon, Bay Shore