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No to UN proposal to tax sugary drinks

A young child can barely fit his hands

A young child can barely fit his hands around this 32-ounce sugary drink in Manhattan. (May 31, 2012) Credit: Nancy Borowick

I’m a Long Islander crushed to death with taxes and fees.

They’re imposed on my income from unending caldrons of money wasters, and I want to drive to the front of the United Nations building and announce, butt out of my wallet!

The UN would like to see the United States tax sugary drinks, including fruit juices, raising the cost by 20 percent [“UN agency urges tax on sugary beverages,” Business, Oct. 12]. The plan is to reduce consumption, and the article states the money would go to the government. There are no guarantees that the government would use this money for health-related services.

This idea was soundly defeated when it was proposed for New York City.

Chris Wales, Mineola


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