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Now the GOP wants a unified nation

President-elect Donald Trump meets with House Speaker Paul

President-elect Donald Trump meets with House Speaker Paul Ryan at the U.S. Capitol for a meeting November 10, 2016, in Washington. Earlier in the day president-elect Trump met with President Barack Obama at the White House. Credit: Getty Images / Zach Gibson

What can one say about House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was often at odds with Donald Trump, but is now pledging to work for the American people [“Transition time,” News, Nov. 10]?

What were he and his fellow Republicans in the House, not to mention GOP leaders in the Senate, doing for the last eight years? They showed extreme disrespect for the president. They chose to waste taxpayer money on endless and fruitless investigations into Benghazi, conveniently forgetting all the American embassies and consulates that were attacked, with 60 people killed, during the Bush years. They refused to give our president a vote on a Supreme Court nominee.

They squandered precious time trying to undo the Affordable Care Act — because, of course, they are pro-life, except when it comes to living people who need help. In some quarters, it’s known as hypocrisy.

Vivienne Lenk, Little Neck

After reading about House Speaker Paul Ryan talking about a mandate, I can see there will be no changes in Washington after this historic election.

The people who voted for Donald Trump don’t want Ryan’s same old Republican rhetoric. The people who elected Trump are working-class Americans who want better than they have received with Republicans running Congress.

We want a working government, not a dysfunctional one. I hope this Congress really does restore jobs, bring back companies that have left the United States and increase wages and benefits.

Maryann Schlessinger, Mattituck

House Speaker Paul Ryan appears to be mathematically challenged when he talks about a mandate. Donald Trump lost the popular vote! Trump was elected because he pandered to the disaffected in the Rust Belt. And this bloc of voters managed to take enough states to win the Electoral College. This is hardly a mandate.

Ryan, Trump and the rest of the Republicans need to understand that Trump didn’t win this election, but that Hillary Clinton lost it. Ryan and the Republicans need to work toward compromise that will unify, not further divide the people.

Scott Diamond, Levittown

Watching President Barack Obama’s warm welcome to President-elect Donald Trump at the White House is just another example of how gracious, good and decent this president is. Many will soon come to realize how we’ll miss his integrity.

However, watching Republicans now reach out and ask everyone to come together is stunning. Where was this sense of cooperation for the last eight years of the Obama administration?

Richard T. DeVito, Long Beach