We must save the New York State Pavilion from extinction ["Rescue mission; New push to preserve futuristic pavilion from World's Fair," News, April 21]. It not only inspires fond memories of the New York World's Fair but is a beautiful architectural feat.

I have photos and video footage of my family's excursions to the 1964-65 fair. Every time I drive to the city and see the pavilion, these remnants of memories make me nostalgic.

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I have recently attempted to recover ceramic plates, postcards, magazines and other mementos of a New York celebration surpassed only by Woodstock.

The pavilion also has a special meaning to my family. My sister Cheryl danced on the great stage in a production of "Aida." This iconic structure is a beautiful representation of past years of innocence and the promise of a golden future.

Elysa Parker, North Woodmere