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Letter: Obama's decisions at root of anger

President Barack Obama pauses while speaking about the

President Barack Obama pauses while speaking about the situations in Iraq and in Ferguson, Mo., Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014, in Edgartown, Mass., during his family vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Credit: AP / Jacquelyn Martin

This is in response to a letter about criticism of the president ["Reasons for anger over border kids," Aug. 7].

The writer said that people imitate "their elected officials being disrespectful of the president" and said there is disrespect of him "simply because he is black."

Was she this outraged when President George W. Bush was called a "loser" in 2005 by Senate leader Harry Reid? Does she get upset when the president himself attacks Republicans using insulting language?

Presidents are disliked by people who disagree with them. Bush was attacked by the left for being conservative. I believe they would have attacked him if he were black. If President Barack Obama were white, the right would still attack him for being liberal.

It would be great if our leaders would show more respect toward each other, because it would diminish the hostility that prevents cooperation. They should also condemn any personal attacks by their supporters, which would reduce the anger between right and left.

Supporters of the president need to stop blaming racism for anger at Obama and instead look at his behavior and decisions. That's the root of the anger.

Gregg Freedner, Ronkonkoma