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Obama’s supporters forget blunders

President Barack Obama is applauded after signing the

President Barack Obama is applauded after signing the Affordable Care Act into law in the East Room of the White House in Washington on March 23, 2010. Credit: AP / Charles Dharapak

So the writer of “Obama helped U.S. rebuild from collapse” [Letters, Aug. 10] feels we should not be angry with President Barack Obama, because of the economic recovery and because Osama bin Laden was killed.

Maybe she has forgotten what many of us would consider Obama’s failures: He didn’t fire anyone after the IRS revealed that it had targeted conservative political groups for scrutiny; he swapped five Taliban members for one Army sergeant who was probably a deserter; he made a weak nuclear deal with Iran; he allowed the Islamic State group to replace al-Qaida and spread across the world; he allowed Syria to cross his red line; he allowed China to encroach on the South China Sea; he let people lose their doctors and see their rates increase under Obamacare.

Many of us are angry at his executive orders that usurp the constitutional power of Congress, his neglect of veterans, and his adding $9 trillion to the debt, which was $10 trillion when he got in.

Many of us remember those things.

Gregg FreednerRonkonkoma