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Letter: Old schools should open to new life

The Levittown Property Owners Association expects to meet

The Levittown Property Owners Association expects to meet Tuesday to discuss the future of two closed schools in the Island Trees School District. Credit: Brittany Wait

Long Island is quickly becoming Lost Island, fueled by the shortsighted thinking of Levittown residents who would rather maintain unused and outdated school buildings in the unrealistic hope that children will one day return ["Island Trees shelves sale of shut schools," News, Feb. 28]. Isn't a 20-year wait long enough?

The demographics on Long Island tell a sad but true tale of young adults and families fleeing, and a school-age population shrinking. This will not change in the near future, or perhaps ever.

Those who spoke so vociferously against the proposal that these empty schools could be repurposed for senior housing should remember their antagonism as they approach age 55. Their legacy will be abandoned buildings in full decay, draining the tax rolls, spoiling the environment and benefiting no one. It could have been different if they had seen what could be, rather than hope for what will never be.

Senior citizens have high spending power to fuel the local economy; a lifetime investment in supporting religious institutions, civic, community and social organizations; and great pride in maintaining their property. The projected housing could have been a boon.

Marie Palagonia, Levittown