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Letter: Open questions on college in prison

A cell block.

A cell block. Credit: Lili Holzer-Glier

"Prepare inmates for life after prison" [Opinion, April 11] supported college courses for prisoners, paid for by private donations.

Critical questions are being overlooked. Could the cost per student, per year really be only $5,000?

Would it be a good idea to ask the inmates to pay for a third or half the tuition? Would it be a better idea to use this money to help the victims of crimes by the inmate-students?

Also, if the reading and math levels of the inmate-students are at or below ninth grade, how would they handle rigorous college-level textbooks and courses?

Maybe they should be trained in plumbing or some other employable trade. Graduates with liberal arts diplomas have trouble obtaining jobs.

Paul Lieberman, Bohemia

Editor's note: The writer is a former high school teacher.