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Opioids can be prescribed and used properly

Credit: AP / Toby Talbot

Every time we hear about another effort to address the opioid situation, many of us who depend on painkillers to live our lives get worried [“‘Hoops for Hope’ tourney on Aug. 4,” News, July 26].

Not everyone abuses these helpful drugs. The thought that there might be a time when we can no longer get them is terrifying.

As an active senior, I depend on opioids at times to be able to function without pain. Pain stresses the heart and other organs.

I had a knee replacement that went terribly wrong. I also have a shoulder with no cartilage left, and it’s bone on bone. I’ve had shots and physical therapy, but nothing can undo the problem.

I use opioids only when absolutely necessary and then on a very limited basis — not daily and never more than one pill a day. I have one doctor who knows my situation and does not overprescribe.

If doctors get to the point where they feel they’re being overly monitored, they will fear giving us what we need to live our daily lives.

Barbara Obstgarten, Port Jefferson Station