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Our controversial public memorials

A Christopher Columbus statue in Manhattan's Central Park

A Christopher Columbus statue in Manhattan's Central Park was vandalized with graffiti and paint in September 2017. Credit: Charles Eckert

May I suggest that we consider statues such as that of Christopher Columbus as works of art and not political statements [“We cannot erase history we do not like,” Letters, Sept. 15]? Columbus has been honored in our public classrooms for generations. That is where the true story should be told.

Could a small plaque be added to the Columbus statue in Manhattan to clarify it as a work of art?

Jean L. McNeill, Lake Grove

People are talking about tearing down statues of Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant and Christopher Columbus. But what about Junipero Serra, whom Pope Francis named a saint in 2015?

This priest was responsible for many native deaths in the name of religion.

Felice Birdsall, Freeport